I met a nice looking Filipina last Sunday that I really liked during our first date. Of course it was way too soon to know for sure about her that early in and there was a red flag right away. There was no need for a chaperon though, that was a plus. As you may know when dating Filipina, a chaperon is often present on your first meeting.

I think what I expected of a Filipina played more of a role in my first impression of her than what actually turned out to be true. After all, I didn’t know her yet. She grew up on a farm, she’s been supporting herself since she was 19 and she’s now 24. She has no children and is attractive. Very promising lady but like I said there was an early red flag and things got worse. So bad, I thought it would make a good story.

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The Chaperon

Dating in the Philippines often includes a chaperon, especially on a first date. I don’t like those and it is really a meeting as opposed to a date. At least in my eyes. I avoid them but sometimes it is the only way. I remember one girl told me she might get bored if she did not have a friend there. I passed on that one. I am maybe too picky about who I meet. It isn’t so much about looks but I will admit, if she’s really hot I might put up with more junk to get the ball rolling.  Hot and sweet and I am a sucker for whatever they want haha.

I recently met a nice Filipina named Karen. She’s sweet but a bit too slow to act for me. I took my camera of course so I thought I’d write about it. At first, she said she was going to bring her mother. I thought, oh wow, this will be fun. I will get grilled now. She ended up getting there very late as she fell to sleep and brought her daughter and sister instead. I didn’t take picture of her sister but did of Karen and her child. I think her child’s name is Krystal. She’s adorable.

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People in Jail

Are there a lot of fugitives hiding in the Philippines? I ask the question because it is a common perception that there are many hiding here. Are there any fugitives hiding in the Philippines, of course there are. I think this perception is more common with Filipinos than with the foreigners that live in the Philippines. I often hear foreigners make comments saying someone is or probably is “Running from the law”. Most of the time, these foreigners are just doing what is so common, putting others down and complaining. With Filipinos, usually a Filipina in my case ask “What are you doing in the Philippines?” Now that question might be totally innocent but sometimes I wonder if they think I am running from the law.

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Filipina with Phone

You can get cheap electronics in the Philippines.  I did just the other day, a Samsung One Note 8 for $75. Don’t get too excited though there is always a “but” and I’ll get to that later in this article. One of the first things you will learn is that electronics are more expensive in the Philippines and if you go to the malls and buy name brand products you’ll pay a lot more for them. I checked the price on a Cannon 7D and found that it would cost me about $1000 more here than it would at Amazon.  There is a five percent tax on imported electronics but that doesn’t explain the excessively high prices here and nor does shipping. After all, most of those products are imported into the USA as well as other Western nations.

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Filipino Child in Cebu

What a month June was. My second month to be single in the Philippines. Things were looking pretty good for the first two weeks. I was still missing Jessie but she remained steadfast on her positions that had caused me to leave in the first place. Finally, I told her to let me know if anything changed and I began to move on in earnest. This is my Philippines expat journal for June and July 2014. I think it is one of the best ways to tell you what living in the Philippines is really like. It isn’t always fun.

I had a three promising Filipina that I had spent some quality time with, I was having trouble managing everyone in my little black book otherwise known as my phone. Of course, not everything in my black book worked out. Lots of the prospects were playing games with me. That’s only to be expected. Even one of the girls I met managed to use me. She was just trying to get home. She did, oh well. That’s the way it works sometimes. She said to me in her sweet little voice on the way out the door “Please don’t be mad” to which I said “Of course I’m mad, you just using me to get home”. At that point her hardened look was all over her face and I never heard another word from her.

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Ice Cream Vendor in Cebu

There are some things I don’t like about living in the Philippines. I will talk about those things in this article but first I wish to point out that I love living in the Philippines. I recently wrote an article about some of those things which you can read here.

There isn’t that much I don’t like and some of those things are only negative to me. They are not negative to most Filipinos. I do not see it as my place to try to change the culture of the Philippines. Frankly, I think that is absurd.

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Minor Child

Yes, believe it or not it is illegal to be in the company of a minor in the Philippines. There are of course some exceptions to this.

The first time I heard of this law was about three or four years ago. Two men, both on Bantayan Island were busted for breaking this law. One got off on a technicality and the other paid his bail and flew out of the country and of course didn’t come back. No one placed a hold on him with immigration.

I have had people argue with me about this law, telling me that I’m crazy and it doesn’t exist. It matters not that I show them the law. They try to twist and turn it to say it means something other than it does. After all, if you go to a fast food store and there are children in there then you are in the company of a minor. Yes, I agree but this is not the USA and there a huge dose of common sense injected into applying the law in the Philippines that is long ago lacking in most Western countries.

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Pretty Filipina

Even when life gets a little bit hard, I love living in the Philippines. Really, it’s been a little difficult lately but when people say I should go home, my answer is always the same, “I am home”. No matter how hard things get, they are better for me here. I could likely get better medical care in the USA but other than that, pretty much everything seems better to me here.

A huge part of that is the women that are attracted to me here, whatever the reason. The other major part is that I can live here cheaply. I’ve run into a rough patch financially. A month or two in a boarding house with air con for $50 could turn that all around for me.  That won’t happen in the USA.

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7-Eleven Downtown Cebu City

In the Philippines, 7-Eleven’s are a bit of a social gathering place.  There are a good number of tables and chairs where you can sit and be seen.  The college kids seem to love them, especially the one in Downtown Cebu City as there are several colleges in the area.

The 7-Eleven is located at the corner of Osmena and Colon Streets. It’s a busy intersection with lots of foot traffic in the area.  It’s surrounded by a little bit of everything, drug stores, street vendors, banks, Internet cafes and clothing stores.

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Are You Kidding Me?

This week, I’ve been around several scams in the Philippines. I’ve not been a direct party to any of them myself. I’m not going to mention names to keep the innocent and me safe. Easy to get sued in the Philippines for writing anything negative about someone else. I hope I’ll be able to write about one place before too long. It’s a travel agency and full on fraud. I think I’ll start with that one.

Before I get started with that, I want to make it clear, that I love the Philippines. People do bad things all over the world. Where salaries are miserably low, more shady things happen. Foreigners are often behind the scams and shams in the Philippines. People will do what they have to do to feed themselves and their families. Soon I will write a new article about the things I love about the Philippines. Keeping it short will be hard. The Philippines is as close to paradise as you can find but finding that here depends mostly on how you see the world. It’s not paradise though. As I always say, you gotta die to have any hope of getting there. I find that the reports of being scammed here are very overstated but it does happen and this information will help you to stay safe in the Philippines

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