It has been eight hours since I was awoken in my bed feeling as if I was in a boat. It didn’t take long to know this is an earthquake. After close to a minute of shaking and though I knew it was far from me, I suspected a major quake had occurred someplace nearby. I soon learned that the magnitude 7.3 Bohol earthquake of 2013 had struck near town of Carmen.

The Bohol Earthquake of 2013 Brings Misery and Death to the Visayas

It was a few minutes after 8 A.M. that I felt the quake. I’ve wish I could go to Bohol and take pictures but that’s just not possible and there is major damage there. If I had the cash for travel, I’d be on my way in order to take pictures of the wrath of the Bohol Earthquake of 2013.

Bogo Earthquake 2013

I tried to find some pictures to show but the ones I can find are all rights reserved. So I’m reduced to telling you what I know.

On flickr I saw what was left of a 400 year old tower. I saw a before picture and it was a majestic building. Now it is mostly a pile of ruble. The foundation is still there.

A building collapsed in Mandaue Philippines, a part of Metro Cebu City and killed four. I heard there was at least one other building that collapsed in Cebu.

I read reports online that there are 28 dead in Cebu province and 90 in Bohol. Numbers that is likely to rise.

The following is a list of the earthquakes or aftershocks as of about 5:15 P.M. on 10/15/13.

Bohol Earthquake List

Bohol Earthquake of 2013 graphic and list obatined from

I’ve seen major earthquakes hit the Philippines leaving very little death and destruction. There was a magnitude 11 that left one person dead and some damaged buildings but nothing like I expected. It was just off the coast of Mindanao though. The Bohol earthquake was almost dead center on the small island of Bohol.

Before Earthquake Damage Santo Nino in Cebu

Cebuanos are saddened to see the Basilica Minore de Santo Nino damaged as well. One bell tower came down that I know of. To those that were born and live in Cebu this is a sacred building. My picture of the church before today’s damage is below.

Tell Us Your Tale about the Bohol Earthquake of 2013

If you experienced this tragedy first hand from Bohol or any place please tell us about it in the comments.

Here in Bogo City, it was clearly felt and shaking lasted close to a minute or so it seemed. It didn’t scare me like the first little one we had in Bogo City a few years back. That one scared me but was only around a magnitude 4. It may have even been less than that. It was shallow and it was close, we even heard a sound like an explosion seconds before it hit.

I found this video on you tube that shows various pictures of the aftermath of the Bohol Earthquake of 2013.

People in the Visayas, where this quake hit are not use to them so it can be a little more dramatic here. This was a killer quake though and brought massive destruction to properties.

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