Filipina Girlfriend, Jhen

I thought it was time to let people know about my new Filipina girlfriend. Her name is Jhen Dequilla Libo-on.  She works here in Cebu City but is from Negros Occidental.  I cannot yet say her last name correctly. I tried to learn but she was too busy laughing at me. I have run into that with Filipina before when trying to learn the language. I need to keep saying it and saying it until I figure it out. I hope she can teach me the language but I have my doubts. I don’t pick up languages very easily. Her English could be a bet better. We will get better at it though.

Jhen is an amazing, caring, giving love woman that does not need anything from me but me. I cannot tell you why she needs me. After a month, I still do not get it. I am twice her age, my health is falling apart, I am not broke but I am a long way from having enough money.  She thinks I’m handsome, many Filipina do and I do not understand that either. I am not complaining about it though.

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Men That Hit Women In the Philippines Disgust Me

Pretty Filipina

Men beating women really disgust me and I just saw it happen. Nothing I can do, I can barely breathe and taking a shower causes me extreme pain in my back. I do not talk about how bad my health is in detail but this time it is called for. Someone will stay say I should have jumped in. You are free to think so, free to be critical and I will consider you to be an insensitive moron. It also just would not be smart. Chances are high, I would be the one to end up in jail until I paid they guy off. The girl might lie for him as she is under his control. One of the reasons I got a gun permit when I lived in the USA was for that very reason. I would not last ten seconds in a fight. My heart is enlarged and my lungs are scared from Mixed Connective Tissue disease. I am not what this article is about.

This time it was a couple of Filipino wimps that think they are men. If the only way for you get what you want out of life is with using your fist on a woman, you are no man. I am not sure if you are fully human. I know that you are a weak coward that does not know how to deal with the stress of life and especially the free will of someone physically weaker than you.

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Romantic Misadventures in the Philippines #3

Filipina Downtown Cebu

I just had to return to this topic. I don’t know how often I will write about this because I am not spending much time looking any more. There are probably more productive ways to spend my time, like sleeping haha. Now before I get into this, I want to say I think Filipina are…

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Romantic Misadventures in the Philippines V2

Romantic Misadventures In the Philippines

It has been a wild ride since my last posting of romantic misadventures in the Philippines. Crazy time but it is like the flood gates opened and I’m finding good women again. Way too pretty, way too young for me to deserve. Of course with youth bring troubles of another kind. Highly emotional, no experience and unable to know how they will feel 20 minutes from now. Yes, I know, it comes with the territory. Of course the last couple of weeks has also been full of scammer girls and some I’m still not sure. I hate getting scammed and they are so good, I’m not sure haha.

This installment on the series is worse than normal but also better. I’m not heartbroken over any ove it. Laughing at myself some. I thought this girl was going to be a girlfriend. That lasted about two days. I wrote about it on social media but never had the chance to write about it here.

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Dating in the Philippines: Romantic Misadventures #1

Scamming Filipina?

I think it would be interesting for me to publish a series of articles about my adventures toward dating in the Philippines.  I don’t know how often I will do it and I think it will mostly be a scam report. Those that tried to rip me off. I won’t mention names nor will I post any pictures of the actual women. The one exception to that no pictures is where I took the picture.  I’ll just post pictures of women in the Philippines or other scenes in the Philippines.

Why am I calling it a scam report? Because most of the ladies are soon blocked for asking me for money. If I have any successes, I will write about those too.  Last week, I wrote a story about one girl that appeared to be up to no good. I don’t know that but it seemed like it.  That left me ready to quit. I did quit but several women approached me.  Most of them scamming me. Though there is a possibility for one of them. She is one of the most beautiful women I’ve met but I’ve only met her online so far. There was another, she didn’t try to scam me but it didn’t work out.

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I met a nice looking Filipina last Sunday that I really liked during our first date. Of course it was way too soon to know for sure about her that early in and there was a red flag right away. There was no need for a chaperon though, that was a plus. As you may know when dating Filipina, a chaperon is often present on your first meeting.

I think what I expected of a Filipina played more of a role in my first impression of her than what actually turned out to be true. After all, I didn’t know her yet. She grew up on a farm, she’s been supporting herself since she was 19 and she’s now 24. She has no children and is attractive. Very promising lady but like I said there was an early red flag and things got worse. So bad, I thought it would make a good story.

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Dating in the Philippines

Dating in the Philippines often includes a chaperon, especially on a first date. I don’t like those and it is really a meeting as opposed to a date. At least in my eyes. I avoid them but sometimes it is the only way. I remember one girl told me she might get bored if she did not have a friend there. I passed on that one. I am maybe too picky about who I meet. It isn’t so much about looks but I will admit, if she’s really hot I might put up with more junk to get the ball rolling.  Hot and sweet and I am a sucker for whatever they want haha.

I recently met a nice Filipina named Karen. She’s sweet but a bit too slow to act for me. I took my camera of course so I thought I’d write about it. At first, she said she was going to bring her mother. I thought, oh wow, this will be fun. I will get grilled now. She ended up getting there very late as she fell to sleep and brought her daughter and sister instead. I didn’t take picture of her sister but did of Karen and her child. I think her child’s name is Krystal. She’s adorable.

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Monsters in the Philippines Fact or Fiction?

Homeless In Cebu

There are a lot of stories about monsters in the Philippines. There is debate on whether they are true or fiction even in among Filipinos. I have my opinions on the ghost stories and they may not be what you think.  I will say that there are monster sized bats in the Philippines.

The Philippines is home to the largest bat in the world and the smallest if what I watched on Discovery or Nat Geo was correct. I don’t remember which network I saw it on.  However there recently a giant Flying Fox was captured in the southern part of the Philippines on an island known as Mindanao.

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Living in the Philippines 2014 Expat Journal

Rusty and Jermain in the Philippines

Living in the Philippines in 2014 with five years behind me now I’m still happy to be here. But the last few months have been difficult. May finally brought the unwelcomed changes I have been dreading for the last couple of years.

A lot has happened in the last few months, some good and some pretty bad. That bad has taken the wind out of me a bit and I didn’t feel like blogging. Another problem is I need to upgrade the server. Each time I post an article the site goes down because it can’t handle the increase in traffic. I have deleted some sites so that will help and I am trying to work with HostGator to get the hosting upgraded

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Revealing Conversation with a Scamming Filipina

Scamming Filipina?

I met a pretty Filipina on Google Plus not long ago. We’ve become friends and tonight I learned she’s a scamming Filipina. She’s not very good at it and she doesn’t think she’s doing any thing wrong. She’s the kind of girl that would rarely do anything she thought was wrong. That is kind of the scary part though. I attract narcissistic people like flies on, well you know. I notice it faster in men but it is harder with women.

This article will also reveal some of the difficulties in getting a Filipina out of the country. Due to the large number of Filipinas that fall victim to human trafficking the Philippines is denying departure to many.

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