Old Men and Young Women in the Philippines

Rusty and Jessie

Old men and young women in the Philippines is a controversial topic. It isn’t a big deal for most Filipinos but in Western culture it drives some to passing judgment. I am bit amused by the judgments and sometimes a bit hack off by them. Honestly, I don’t like it when people judge others. I don’t care if it is me or someone I don’t know. I will usually rise to the defense of the person being judged. It is just my nature. I think I like that about me. The age difference between old men and young women in the Philippines isn’t as big of an issue for couples as some seem to think.

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Superstitions in Filipino Culture

Tim asked me to write about Superstitions in Filipino Culture. He follows my FaceBook page and left a comment. Since Superstitions in Filipino Culture is one of my favorite topics, I am happy to do it. Most of what I’ve learned, I learned through Jessie, my Filipina girlfriend. She sometimes hides these beliefs from me and I don’t really know why. She thinks I’ll make fun of her but I don’t think I ever have. I have sometimes had serious reservations about her beliefs but that’s usually on medical issues.  That’s a subject for another article. Jessie is does not follow all the traditions that many other Filipina do. I hear the stories from other expats that live in the Philippines and Jessie is very moderate compared to that.

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Frustrating Filipino Culture

Filipino Culture can Make You Climb The Walls

Filipino culture can be a bit frustrating at times. There are many things that might bug you. Usually, I have no problem with the Filipino way. In fact, most of the time, I think Filipinos have got it right. With family and respect being so high on the list of what is important, I usually admire the culture of the Philippines.

Yesterday though, Filipino culture just flat go on my nerves. Bogo City has been having its festival. It ended on Monday but the people of Bogo where not yet ready to stop their party. I heard many people having a party at their home for the next day or so. Yesterday, my neighbor got into the act in a big way.

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Long Distance Relationship with a Filipina

Long distance Filipina

So you want or have a long distance relationship with a Filipina. A Filipina girlfriend can be a marvelous thing. Like with any woman though, it can be like falling into a pit of common brown cobras. A long distance, online relationship with a Filipina is plagued with even more potential snake bites. They can workout though.

My long distance relationship with a Filipina worked out well. However, there were also a few snake bites along the way for me too. When you’re a long way off and the Filipina badly wants a foreign boyfriend, they tend to agree to anything. They often are fooling themselves. It is a fantasy and if you try to make it real and in person, they run away as they are often very shy.

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Respect in Filipino Culture

Filipina on Tricycle

Understanding how important that respect in Filipino culture is will take you far toward a happy life in the Philippines. It also crucial in beginning to comprehend Filipino culture. I hear so many from the West say that respect must be earned. Those people just do not understand Asia nor the Philippines. In most cases, a Filipino will treat you with respect even if they have utter disdain for you. Usually though, respect is felt for the other individual. Even where there are disputes, it is not customary to show anger toward the other party. The disagreements are handled in a respectful way. Honestly, I can’t see the problem with that. It is how we all should treat others. The world would have far less conflict if we would do this.

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