Joe Bogo Another Troubled Expat

Last month, Drew Frederick Shobbrook was arrested for allegedly running a “cybersex den” in Cebu. I don’t know if he did these things.  Frankly, there are some things that don’t quite make sense to me. I’ll get in to that later.  I’m more interested in alerting people of the bad situations they can put themselves in while living in the Philippines.

I don’t know Drew, but I do know people that know him. I use to be a member of a forum that he was a major participant of. Several expats on that forum have been allegedly involved in questionable activities. I’m not going to say which one. I got thrown off when I started a website. I was upset at the time but in hindsight, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me in the Philippines.

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Let’s Go Island Hopping in the Philippines

Beautiful Filipina at Capitcillo Islet

I’d say that there are three things I love most about living in the Philippines and one of them is island hopping. “Besides island hopping what are the other two things you love about the Philippines, Rusty?” I’m glad you asked. That would be Filipina and the low cost of living. Cebu provides a treasure chest of all three. Most of the Philippines will provide that though.

I’d say my most fulfilling moments while living in the Philippines included island hopping with Jessie. The low cost of living makes it possible for me to engage in island hopping. So the three are tied together like the bamboo of a nipa hut.

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Legally Stupid — Freedom In The Philippines

Pretty Girls in the Philippines

Someone recently asked me about freedom in the Philippines. He had been given some information from a friend that visited here. The information was not incorrect but perhaps a bit incomplete. His friend had told him that the people in the USA were brainwashed into thinking they were free compared to the Philippines. Now that I disagree with. Mostly because the degree to which American’s enjoy freedom of speech seems to be unequaled in the rest of the world. His question  gave me the idea to write this article.

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Lechon Manok Cheap Food

The question “How much money do I need to live in the Philippines?” is one I get often. This is a question that often comes in email and is a question better asked in public so that it will help others. Of course, there is no one answer fits all for this question. I require more money that many due because of my medical bills. The cost of living in the Philippines is much lower than it was in the USA for me. Some say it is higher, I don’t see how it could be. Some things cost more. The cost of services and housing is where you will likely have the biggest savings.

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