Martial Law Declared in the Philippines

Martial law has been declared in parts of the Philippines.  There is a centuries old conflict ongoing in the southern part of the Philippines between Muslims and Christians. As best as I can tell, this has been going on for 400 years! My intention in this article is to get something quickly posted just to…

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This week, I’ve been around several scams in the Philippines. I’ve not been a direct party to any of them myself. I’m not going to mention names to keep the innocent and me safe. Easy to get sued in the Philippines for writing anything negative about someone else. I hope I’ll be able to write about one place before too long. It’s a travel agency and full on fraud. I think I’ll start with that one.

Before I get started with that, I want to make it clear, that I love the Philippines. People do bad things all over the world. Where salaries are miserably low, more shady things happen. Foreigners are often behind the scams and shams in the Philippines. People will do what they have to do to feed themselves and their families. Soon I will write a new article about the things I love about the Philippines. Keeping it short will be hard. The Philippines is as close to paradise as you can find but finding that here depends mostly on how you see the world. It’s not paradise though. As I always say, you gotta die to have any hope of getting there. I find that the reports of being scammed here are very overstated but it does happen and this information will help you to stay safe in the Philippines

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Is it Safe to Visit Zamboanga City?

Zamboanga City Map

“I went to Zamboanga City and nothing happened.” Well, something has happened now. I have heard people say that about Zamboanga City many times. What happened in Zamboanga city? A war happened and they can call it whatever they like it was a war complete what almost always precedes a war and that is an ultimatum by one of the parties involved.

The Battle of Zamboanga City started on September 9th and it ended on September 28th, 2013. I’ve read reports that over 10,000es were destroyed and 110,000 people were displaced during the battle between the Republic of the Philippines (RP) and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). People died, there were hostages, housed burned, rockets fired from attack helicopters and planes and heavy mortar fire within the city. The MNLF tried to capture the city and started after it declared its independence and attempt to raise its flag at city hall.

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How Safe is Cebu Philippines for a Foreigner?

Security in Cebu Philippines

Cebu is one of the safest places in the Philippines. People often what ask “How safe is Cebu?” I can’t promise you that you will be safe in Cebu or any other place in the world. I feel safer in Cebu than I did in Memphis. Sure there are some scary places and scary people in Cebu, especially in Cebu City. The further I get away from Cebu City, the safer I think I am.

Yet, I don’t find Cebu City to be unsafe.  How safe is Cebu depends partly on you. Perhaps mostly on you. If you’re going to the mall, you are not very likely to run into trouble. If you go to a nightclub, well the risk of trouble always goes up when there are pretty Filipina and people with alcohol on board. Go to a bikini bar and your risk factor goes up.

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