Living in the Philippines on a Pension in 2014

Pension House in Cebu

Living in the Philippines on a pension or fixed income means you might see your spending power decrease. Of course, this is true anyplace and has long been a problem for seniors. I’m not exactly a senior but I’m knocking on the door and now ride in the same boat as they do. I retired early, around 45 due to disability caused by lupus. That’s an autoimmune disorder where your immune system becomes confused and attacks your own body. Mine’s not too bad but over the year it has taken its toll.

When I arrived here in February of 2008 the dollar was at the lowest point since I lived here. It was lean month but only because I spent most of my money on the way over.  It was a month of lots of dried fish. It stinks but its good haha. One problem, it’s mostly air and bone.  Bones that you can crunch and swallow. I could eat a trainload of them and I think I’d still be hungry.

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US Dollar to Philippine Peso

Wow, the US dollar to Philippines peso exchange rate has seen dramatic improvement for American expats living in the Philippines. At this time, it is flirting last years high of 44 to 1USD. Will it continue before it starts a downward fall? It may reach 44 or higher but I don’t think we will see more of the strong improvement that we have seen over the last two months.  The dollar went over 44 for a time on Friday but then fell back to under 44 by days end. I don’t know if the dollar can stay over 44 for an extended time at this point. It doesn’t appear so.

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Dollar to Philippines peso Exchange Rate May 2013

US dollar to Philippine peso exchange rate


Wow, the US dollar to Philippines peso exchange rate has been in a long slump if you’re an American expat living in the Philippines. This affects more than just Americans, it is also hard on many Filipino families. Most Filipinos that work overseas (OFWs) send dollars back home to their families.

It also affects some international Filipino businesses. Many times they bill in dollars. When the dollar is falling, they loose revenue. When they prepare their Philippines income statements the funds are converted back to pesos. Thus, their gross receipts could take a substantial hit.

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