I met a nice looking Filipina last Sunday that I really liked during our first date. Of course it was way too soon to know for sure about her that early in and there was a red flag right away. There was no need for a chaperon though, that was a plus. As you may know when dating Filipina, a chaperon is often present on your first meeting.

I think what I expected of a Filipina played more of a role in my first impression of her than what actually turned out to be true. After all, I didn’t know her yet. She grew up on a farm, she’s been supporting herself since she was 19 and she’s now 24. She has no children and is attractive. Very promising lady but like I said there was an early red flag and things got worse. So bad, I thought it would make a good story.

The First Red Flag during First Date

We met at Basilica Santo Nino which is in walking distance of my hotel.  Though I took a taxi. It was a very hot day and I was soaked in sweat by the time we found each other. It was only her third visit there but I didn’t know that. I knew the place better than she did and I don’t know it very well. It has been more than a year since my last visit. It took us a while to find each other which finally ended up happening at the nearby Magellan’s cross. She sent me a text saying she was at city hall. I don’t know how she got over there while looking for me at the church. That was just a minor thing and didn’t reflect on her but maybe it should have.

From there, we headed to SM Mall to see a movie. It was way too hot that day to walk around outside. There was a tropical storm headed for Luzon and that was making it extremely humid in Cebu.

Once we got to SM we headed to the theater. I was trying to find a movie. I had already seen the movie playing at IMAX so that wasDating Filipina not an option. I was really glad as I don’t need to spend that much money and those movies cost twice as much. However, she suggested another movie.  She choose something like “Talk back to me and you will die”. I went to the counter to buy our tickets and the lady looked at me funny and said that’s a Filipino movie.

That means that most of the language will be Filipino. I went ahead and got those tickets but that was a huge red flag. I asked her if she knew it was a Filipino movie and she did. I just thought to myself she could care less if I will enjoy the movie. That translated to me as extremely selfish and possibly narcissistic to the level of someone with Antisocial Personality Disorder. Someone that cares only about themselves. I have a history of getting involved with these kinds of people and I wish I could spot them even sooner. I’m getting better.

It was not too bad as I was more interested in her than the movie and I found ways to entertain myself during the movie.

After we both got home she told me she would come see me at my hotel and spend the night on her next visit. She also told me that while she was with me all her problems went away but once she got home they returned. That was a double edged comment but I decided just to hear the good part. After all she didn’t actually ask for help with her problems. Maybe that was just a case o hearing what I wanted to hear.  When Filipina are about to ask me for money, they often start by telling me they have a problem Soon after that though, the death blow came to our friendship and killed any and all possibilities of our having a relationship.

A quick Death to Dating this Filipina

Monday morning, the day after we meet, I’m greeted first thing with her telling me her grandmother is in the hospital and she had to return home. She wasn’t asking me for help though. However, that didn’t last long.  Before the night was over she was asking for a loan of P5000 so that she could return home.

Now the lights were flashing and red flag was lowered to half-mast so it would be waving directly before my eyes. I wanted to help but I wouldn’t risk that.  Loaning which is basically giving someone P5000 is a huge drain my budget. I really can’t spare it.

Then she turned up the pressure saying something like “If you don’t give me P5000 I have no choice but to accept the job offer in Korea”. I replied with something like “I hate to see you do that but have a nice trip”. At the point, she completely lost me, I no longer have even a disease to help her. I stopped talking to her.

Filipina I DatedThe next day, she did text me saying her family wouldn’t allow her to leave. The subject of me paying here continued to come up. Finally, I said something like “I can’t see that you are interested in me at all but only in money”. As you might expect, that didn’t go over too well with her. She told me to “Get lost” and I followed her request. My latest Android phone has a blocking app built into it and I added her to the blacklist.

I thought I’d share another disaster in my romantic life. Honestly, I’m so frustrated with it, I’m tempted to just wait until I have some extra money so we can just use each other haha. The only real issue is when I fall for one of these people using me. Hard to believe I could still let that happen but I suppose any of us can and most of us have had that happen to us. It is easy for any of us to believe what we want to believe I think.  It is important to remember that these women are those that I usually meet online. The ones I meet in person usually just reject my request for a phone number right off.

This isn’t about Filipina in general. I believe Filipina are good women. Online, that seems to bring out the worst in people. It lets them be who they want to be I’ve seen good women lying to men online. They wouldn’t do that in person. The best I’ve ever been treated was by Jessie and I met her online too. I often find new prospects on Tagged.com but I don’t like their site and they have too many restrictions so I recently created a account on Filipino Cupid.

Dating Filipina

My idea of online dating is that one most go through a lot of crap to get to the good stuff. I may be a bit to skeptical, I expect things to go badly with women I meet online but there are a lot of prospects there. If I keep looking, I’ll find her. Maybe it is too late for me. I’m sick a lot now. I’m sick now. I’m on the verge of having pneumonia again if I don’t already have it. I don’t think I do but my lungs are full of junk. My feet are split again, all kinds of other skin problems. I have a lot of pain when I walk and I have a fever. And I’m getting better haha. Filipina don’t like beards for the most part so I’ve been thinking of getting rid of it. It does help protect my face from the sun and cover up my fat face. It is too grey now though. All I can do is look, be me and take my time until she shows me the real her. If I never find her, that’s okay too. My life would be so much easier if I liked to “date” bikini bar girls.

By Rusty Ferguson

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