I think it would be interesting for me to publish a series of articles about my adventures toward dating in the Philippines.  I don’t know how often I will do it and I think it will mostly be a scam report. Those that tried to rip me off. I won’t mention names nor will I post any pictures of the actual women. The one exception to that no pictures is where I took the picture.  I’ll just post pictures of women in the Philippines or other scenes in the Philippines.

Why am I calling it a scam report? Because most of the ladies are soon blocked for asking me for money. If I have any successes, I will write about those too.  Last week, I wrote a story about one girl that appeared to be up to no good. I don’t know that but it seemed like it.  That left me ready to quit. I did quit but several women approached me.  Most of them scamming me. Though there is a possibility for one of them. She is one of the most beautiful women I’ve met but I’ve only met her online so far. There was another, she didn’t try to scam me but it didn’t work out.

I think people new to searching for Filipinas online will find this information very helpful. Now I don’t consider a woman that is too conservative to go forward as a scammer. Or one that just gets cold feet that happens a lot. What I consider to be a scammer is one that is after money or a visa.

Now, I don’t have a problem with a woman trying to improve her position in life by finding a guy that can do that. If she’s looking for a relationship and appears to be loving as well, that’s natural. That has been going on since the beginning of time.

 Most Filipina are Wonderful Women

It seems that my dating in the Philippines articles generate a lot of interest, defenses from Filipino, praise and criticism. The first thing I want to talk about is that I think the majority of women in the Philippines are great women. Wonderful jewels to be cherished. Many know I recently had a relationship end. I think that Filipina is a good Filipina there were things going on I couldn’t accept.

When I was reading comments from Filipinos that were upset with me over a recent dating in the Philippines article  I realized something that I haven’t talked about. When I post a profile on a site it is clear I am a foreigner. Most foreigners think they are more of a target for crime than a Filipino is. I don’t know if that is true. For kidnappings it isn’t true. There are statistics available on that. For other crimes, if that informatiPinoy Clowns Around After Getting Treats from Santa Clauson is on the web I can’t find it. Probably most Foreigners will have a higher amount of disposable cash than most Filipinos. While many sites allow a search by income many others don’t even ask that. Were they do ask, most people won’t provide that information or lie about it.

They all seem to ask for location and nationality. That makes it easy for scammers to target foreigners. If they don’t provide nationality they will usually allow you to search by race and location. So it is easy to target a foreigner. If you are a scammer would you search for an Asian or Caucasian? I think I’d search for foreigners. For me, I’d go to where it would be easier to find the money. No doubt there are wealthy Filipinos online and probably some on dating sites. I don’t know because I don’t search for male Filipinos. Most wealthy people will be older too and I tend to search for women under 35. Don’t like that? Oh well, it’s my life.

So just because most of the women I find are trying to get me to send them money and make me promises they never intend to keep doesn’t mean most of the women online are scammers. It means that most of the women I run into appear to be looking for money for nothing. They have zero interest in me. Some will even ask for money or things almost as soon as I message them. I think it is just more likely those are the women I’m going to find. And I tend to go after women that are much youngerFilipino Culture can Make You Climb The Walls than me. I’m not going to stop doing that. Sorry if you don’t like it. If I wanted what is considered an age appropriate woman, I could have stayed in the USA. Women were not my primary reason for coming but it’s a top reason for staying. There are wonderful women here and maybe I’ll find one. I really don’t think so any more.

When I write about only one big misadventure, people don’t get a sense of how common it is. I’m missing a huge part of the story. This should close that gap if I can stick with it. That is if I pursue enough Filipina to make it worthwhile. Perhaps my time could be better spent someplace else.

Look, I realize I’m no prime catch in the way people usually think of it. I have lot offer someone but it doesn’t come in the form of wealth nor does it come in the form of good looks. So I really don’t need any personal attacks to remind me of that. I have no problem with most comments, even critical ones. But, if your acting like a narcissistic jerk, stating the obvious, attacking me while thinking you’re telling me something I don’t ready know, you will be gone.

Recent Online Romantic Interactions with Filipina

After meeting the Filipina I wrote about in the link above, I have thought about how things have been going for me since I became single again. It has actually been worse than what I expected. I’m not even going to look any more. I was talking to a friend and he was trying to convince me to keep trying that’s when I thought of “doing research” haha.

I thought of doing that several years ago but decided against it because I might hurt someone and it cost money and time. I was not in a position to fulfill anything if I did find someone a few years ago. I am now. After five months of looking, the results have been worse than I thought. I have probably talked to more than 200 women and out of that, I see two, maybe a feHomeless Filipino in Cebu Cityw more, genuine. But, I’ve never met most of them and the one I did has not had time to see me in at least three months. I’ve lost track.

Recent Romantic Misadventures in the Philippines


Girl Number One Needs 5000P

I met a real hottie some place. I think she added me on FaceBook but I’m not sure. Got her phone number and about the third text message was I am not good, I have a problem. Of course I ask her to explain. It heads right where I was expecting. She needed P5000 so that she could take her test at college. She lowered it to around P2000 and then down to P750.  Of course, she got nothing. She is not the same one mentioned in my “Dating Filipina” article.

I heard from her for a couple of more days and every time she needed money. Finally I told her that she would never get any more until she showed me she was really interested in me. She wanted to know how to do that. I told her to get in my bed and we’ll talk about it.  That didn’t sit well with her. Like I cared. If I cared I wouldn’t have said that. Sometimes it is time to bring things right out in the open and stop beating around the bush!  If she had agreed, I wouldn’t have seen her.  Not what I’m looking for. A few minutes later she actually told me she loved me. My response was to block her for the second and last time. She is still learning her craft and was obvious. It is a week later and still messages me but I’m done.

My phone is supposed to just delete the message, that was the option I selected but it didn’t. It just withheld her from the inbox. I had blocked her after the first conversation but in the spam box I noticed something she said that got my interest so I unblocked her. Hey, I could be wrong about her. I wasn’t.

Filipina Number 2 Too Busy but We can go on a Trip

Pretty Young FilipinaThis is a Filipina in her early 30’s and is reasonably attractive, especially for a fat guy like me. She also told me she loved me. I think on the same night Girl number 1 did. I told her “That is impossible, you don’t know me”. She went on to tell me how she would come see me any time. She told me many wonderful things. So the next day, I followed up with her and asked if she wanted to come see me. She said she was busy and followed that up with her suggestion that we visit “her place” down in Argo. Let me see, she’s too busy to come to my hotel but she’s up with the idea of a trip to Argo which of course she wants me to pay for. Hey if money wasn’t an issue, I’d be good with that suggestion if I could get there. My health is bad and most of the time I can’t go anywhere. Not happy about that to say the least. If she isn’t interested in seeing me without spending a ton of money on her then we won’t be spending a ton of money even if I had it. She’s been blocked too.  Another woman from tagged.

Girl Number 3 a Persistent Scammer

This girl was a real pain. I blocked her at least three times, including last week. I have been texting with her for about two months. Nearly every time she texted me, she wanted money. She stopped for a while so I removed the block and started talking to her again. For at least two months she came on hot and heavy but I didn’t believe her because she tried to scam me on the first conversation.

She wanted me to meet her at the peer and go with her to “her place” in Cebu. I figured out she wanted me to pay to get her and her things there. This was after she came on hot and heavy and wanted to come to my hotel. Now she wanted me to go her place and skip all the fun haha. If she hadn’t played games with me, I might have done that. I wouldn’t pay for her things though. After that, I didn’t believe a word she said.  That was a good thing.

Then suddenly I noticed a message in my blocked messages that indicated she was in Cebu now. So I unblocked her and sent a message. Immediately she started asking for money. She even wanted me to rent a house for her.

So I asked her when she is going to come see me and teach her all those things she wanted to learn. Her replies with “I don’t like that. Find another girl for that”. I was not even attracted to her. I was a bit amused with this one.

Final Thoughts on Version 1 of My Dating in the Philippines Disasters

I had two more to talk about but I can’t remember who they are. I got rather ill after I started writing this and memories of what happened or even who they were have faded. I have a group I put them in on my phone so I will know they are people that I don’t trust in case they come back a year later.  I have seen that happen a few times.

I should say, I don’t normally talk of intimacy with a woman until I know her well or she brings it up. They do often bring it up butTaoist Tower in Cebu rarely in a direct way. I might skirt around the issue myself. Gauging their reaction.

I am not looking any more even though this week’s adventures are mostly forgotten. If someone contacts me and I like her, of course I’ll pursue that but as far as me spending time on this to find a woman, that’s not happening. I will be “Researching” the issues though haha. Maybe I’m kidding myself, I am aware of that. This mindset should at least reduce the tension when a woman that appears to have promise turns out to be another scammer. The women that are good at that often pull that off. That is a major reason I’m giving up, that and the frequency of how often this happens. I don’t care if I am fooling myself this time. We all fool ourselves much of the time. If you don’t think so, you are clueless.

There are still some ladies that I have known for a while that I have much interest in and care about. I know one that would probably be prefect for me. So I’m still open to getting my heart ripped out. It is a chance we all have to take or accept being alone. Well, all of use that are not psychopaths.

Tell me about your successful romantic adventures and your not so successful ones. You can give advice but I don’t really think I need it. Except maybe when it comes to keeping a positive outlook because right now, I don’t have one of those. It used to be easy for me to find prospect even when I wasn’t in a position to pursue it. Not so anymore. I should shave off this beard and dye my hair. 😛 If you think this article will be helpful to others about to travel to the Philippines, please share this on your social networks.

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