Dating in the Philippines often includes a chaperon, especially on a first date. I don’t like those and it is really a meeting as opposed to a date. At least in my eyes. I avoid them but sometimes it is the only way. I remember one girl told me she might get bored if she did not have a friend there. I passed on that one. I am maybe too picky about who I meet. It isn’t so much about looks but I will admit, if she’s really hot I might put up with more junk to get the ball rolling.  Hot and sweet and I am a sucker for whatever they want haha.

I recently met a nice Filipina named Karen. She’s sweet but a bit too slow to act for me. I took my camera of course so I thought I’d write about it. At first, she said she was going to bring her mother. I thought, oh wow, this will be fun. I will get grilled now. She ended up getting there very late as she fell to sleep and brought her daughter and sister instead. I didn’t take picture of her sister but did of Karen and her child. I think her child’s name is Krystal. She’s adorable.

Chaperons and Dating in the Philippines

Of course Krystal was scared of the big hairy white guy and she was a bit grumpy too. She’s only three so she’s still going through those terrible twos and I always thought it should be the terrible twos and threes. So I started giving her coins. That turned things around. I had a new friend. When she came to me and was willing to sit in my lap Karen and her sister were shocked. I said, nothing like money to get a girl interested haha. Both Karen and her sister laughed.

I like Karen but she’s not willing to go to the next step, a meeting alone so I’m unlikely to see her again. She said she would come seeChaperon Dating in the Philippines me but has now changed her mind. I feel like if she was really interested, she would be all over that. I still answer her text but I don’t initiate anything now.

Malls are such a poor place to meet, loud and hard to talk. Karen is pretty shy and wouldn’t talk much but I expect that. That’s why I don’t like these chaperoned meetings. They are awkward and having someone there I’ve never talked to make it harder to start a conversation. To have a place to sit down, we went to Starbucks which is a bit expensive but I didn’t see a Bo’s Coffee and really couldn’t think of any place else. Krystal drank most of Karen’s coffee.

On our way out, I suggested Krystal have a ride on the kiddie ride that SM recently setup up outside of the mall near the taxi line. She seemed to really enjoy it. I took several pictures because with her moving it was hard to get a good shot and we couldn’t get her to look at us as she was far too busy driving her duck.

I Find Most Romantic Prospects Online

I don’t think this is the best way to meet a woman because there are so many playing games online. This is true for the woman as well. However, it is easy. You must be willing to put up with a lot of junk to do it though. For me, Tagged is the most productive yet also the most prone to way too much BS source.

The reason Tagged works well is that they have a “game” called meet me where you can limit your search to people in a certain city.  I set mine to Cebu City and 100 miles.

Tagged has been The Most Productive Source

Tagged has several issues and the only thing it is good for is the Meet Me game and maybe pets. The only thing good about Meet Me is that you can see a picture of the person and you can limit the search to an age group and city area.

Sleepy ChildThe bad thing about it is that there are many fake profiles, many men that are ladyboys or gay and sometimes it is very hard to tell if they are women or men. If they look like China doll they are probably ladyboys. I usually just ask them early on. Some will get angry so I try to tell them why I am asking but a few do not understand. I had one ask me what a ladyboy was. I found it very hard to believe she was in the Philippines and didn’t know the answer to that. They are all over. To each their own but I like my women to have all the right parts.

And of course, there are many scammers. They are too often “working girls” and in their time off they spend it online scamming money out of foreigners. Don’t send anyone money if you have not met them. Go see them if you must and just make an adventure out of it when they stand you up. I have twice, never saw either one of them. Not much money but it is irritating.

I am amazed at how many hot women are falling in love with me on sight if they are far away enough to need travel money. Not nearly so many do that are close enough to visit.

I have met a couple of girls from Tagged in person. Two of them are promising but they don’t have time for me. You can only hear that for so long before you must decide they are not really interested any more. I am getting old, fat and suspect the real problem with most of them is I do not have enough money. Guess better make more money.

I am supposed to be meeting two Filipina from Tagged right now. Odd story. I can’t go because my phone is dead and in the repair shop. One of them, I met on Tagged and the other one took my number from her phone and contacted me. She told me that the first friend gave her the number. She didn’t give it to her. So, they wanted to meet me and decided to meet me at the same time and then I was to pick which I wanted to be my girlfriend.  I am thinking, do I have to choose so fast?

An Angel on Tagged?

There was one super-hot Filipina that contacted me. She said her name was Angel, I was always suspicious of that name. She kept asking meOnline Dating Philippines how much money I made and it was obvious what she wanted. I thought if she wanted to use me, I’d just reverse the scam on her. I finally told her and then she said, “I love you”. To her it sounded like a lot of money, it is not a lot. She talks to so many guys though I’m sure she forgot I was the one that told her that. I finally got tired of her games and blocked her. One weekend she wanted to come see me but I was busy. She bugged me all weekend and got angry because I said I couldn’t that weekend. So I kept the next weekend open for her and invited her to visit. She never answered yes or no. Told me what time she’d be off work though. I would see her online during the day but not at night that weekend. That is a picture of her that she sent me on Viber. Yes, she’s very sexy but too many bad signs there.

Meeting Girls on FaceBook

I find more real profiles on FaceBook but I don’t look for women there because as far as I know there is no way to search for people by city. In fact, FaceBook doesn’t like it if you try to add people you don’t know. I suppose the answer would be to join some Cebu City groups and I may do that. Many of these groups are writing in Cebuano though and I can’t communicate that way. I have a lot of women add me on FaceBook. They have usually added friends of mine already and that is how they find me. They go through all of the foreigner friends friends shown on FaceBook and add those.

They are rarely close to me and almost always want travel money. No way am I going to send it. I have been unable to travel in two years now. I really miss travelling and hope I will be able to again someday.

Women out in the provinces are often rather conservative and will expect a relationship before anything more than talk occurs. Something you should be aware of.

Meeting Filipina while Shopping

This too is always a possibility. Though I have never made a connection this way. I mostly get looks and smiles but it never gets any further. This week I went to a store to take my phone in to get it fixed. One really pretty Filipina kept looking over my way for 30 minutes as I was waiting for my phone to be returned. Finally, I went to the counter and ask if she had a phone that had GPS. She showed me one. While looking at it, I asked for her name, she told me it was Jennifer. Then she asked where my wife is? Now that’s a huge clue of “I’m interested in you”. I told her I did not have one and asked if she was single. She did not seem to want to tell me and I should have just stopped there but I did not. I asked for her phone number. She told me she did not have a phone. No way will I believe that. I got no more smiles from her after that. It seemed to be more of a look of dread. She need not worry, I won’t be asking again anyway. Another Filipina told me the same thing, no phone. She was lying, I had already seen her phone. Good enough, not interested.  Maybe the next one will be.

Kidding Ride at SM MallThere was another Filipina though that was being obvious or appeared to be obvious. She too asked “where is your wife”? I told her I didn’t have one. I didn’t find one but turned and left the store. I didn’t find her attractive at all. Many of the young women working in there seemed interested but it is hard to ask them for their number with the friends listening to everything we say. I do not mind but it may embarrass here. This a good time to have a personal card to give to her with your phone number on it. I can get 100 for P280 or maybe P380 just down the street. I plan to do that soon. Maybe even this weekend.

Have you met a Filipina for the first time in the Philippines? Did she bring the entire family or just one or two on the first meeting? Of course, not all will require this. Most of the Filipina that I have met did not. Tell us about your experiences dating in the Philippines. I use to find women trying to pick me up more often than they do now. I guess I am older and now my hair is great and much more of it has fallen out. I am not finding it as easy as I use too. Not all Filipina are interested in money and nearly all will say they are not. Not true, most are interested in the money you have.  I have met a few that did not care at all about money.  That is rare.

By Rusty Ferguson

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