It is easy to get caught up in stereotypes and I am better than many at not letting that happen to me. It sometimes seems that many Filipinos prejudge expats in the Philippines because of the few that make the headlines. Sometimes what they write on their blogs is hurtful and completely inaccurate. Expats and visitors do it as well. I once found a picture of me on someone’s website with a one word caption on it. Playboy? I wrote “Haha, I wish”. He took it down, it wasn’t meant for me to find. A few months ago, I realized that I too could be guilty of jumping to conclusions and, in fact, I was. Many misjudge this fellow and so did I.

He is from Australia and he can get a bit rough in his language especially if he’s had a few too many beers. He has cut back though and I do not even see that very much anymore from him. Besides that though, he had a lot of young Filipina running around with him. Some were obviously underage.  I thought he was defiantly up to no good.

Expats in the Philippines are often Good Samaritans

Once I moved into this hotel by myself though, I got know him. He is often here and in his late 70’s. I’m not going to mention him by name. I discovered that he was not the playboy I thought he was.

I found out that he had all these women running around because he is often supporting them. Sometimes he sends them to college alongSanta in the Philippines with the stipulation they stay away from “boys”. When they don’t, support might come to an end. So many of these young girls find themselves a boy, really it is a boy. The girl gets pregnant and the boy runs off. Many times they girl immediately grows up and then sees him for the irresponsible kid that he really is. She may run him off.  She has a baby to support now and does really have the option to support her man-boy any more.

Funny, if I tell others about my friend, they are quick to disbelieve me. They don’t buy he isn’t up to hanky panky with the underage girls. He’s not, he’s not even with the girls of age. Not anymore. Maybe in the past he had some girls of age that were special to him.  That was years ago and I’m certain they were all of legal age.

The guy just has a good heart. I know this for certain now. He gives them cell phones, buys them things. When the young women come to see him, I’ve seen their boyfriends call them and ask for a loan haha. He asked one of them does if the boyfriend knew where she was and she confirmed that he did. I laughingly told him later of course he knew, that’s why he called.

Most of the women are sisters and cousins that all came from a family in Leyte. He went over there to visit them several months ago. When he came out of the hotel he was arrested. Arrested for being in the presence of a minor. He was, no doubt about it. He would tell you himself he was. When he showed back up and told me the story, I was shocked that the authorities believed him. He told me that he convinced the police and two women that represented the government that he was just a Good Samaritan. I don’t know if anyone from the International Justice Mission (IMJ) was there but I suspect one of those two women was a representative of the IMJ.

It is flat shocking to me that he walked out of this situation, no bribes, no fines, and no prison. They heard his story and believed him. They did talk with the girls and took his PC. They kept his PC for a long time and they kept telling him “next day” he could get it. He was interviewed by the press in the area and made him out to be a hero too.

Many Examples of Good Foreigners in the Philippines

There are a lot of examples of good people coming to the Philippines for visits and doing good while they are here. In some cases, they don’t leave.  Hilary Overton is one such example. She was headed to medical school but got trained as a midwife and returned to the Philippines to help the many mothers that couldn’t afford medical care. She provides often free maternity and birthing care at her clinic here in Cebu City.

Many expats come here hoping to do good deeds. I did, I quickly learned I was going to struggle to pay my own bills so my great dreams went into hibernation. I’m dreaming again even though I struggle financially much more now. I know others that also come with these dreams. Most cannot do as much as they hoped. Then there are those that pretend to do good so they can exploit people, often children. Those folks hurt the rest of us very badly.

Filipinos Hate Foreigners in the Philippines?

I have seen only a little of this in person. I can think of only once. Just a lady that moved away from me at a fast food joint. Perhaps she was afraid of what I might say around her daughters, I don’t know. But she moved because of me. Of that, I have no doubt. That is one person out of the tens of thousands I have encountered.

Filipina VisitsI see things written on the web though. I often get hateful comments on social networks but these folks are almost always of Filipino decent but have never lived in the Philippines. They often use language that I have never heard a Filipino use in public. Maybe they will use it with their husband, yeah, I’ve only heard women talking like that when they are pretty mad.  No it wasn’t at me, yet.

I have seen some blogs though that were hateful toward foreigners. These were usually found after some American was arrested for some kind of scandal that usually involved children. There is far more of this kind of thing going on that has been committed by Filipinos. That events get buried deep in the paper because that doesn’t sell papers. But this “Us vs them” that runs through the human emotional system and is ripping us apart. So often it is Christians that are doing it and it is so non-Christian way of behaving. Filipinos are not the only ones guilty of this us vs them mentality.  The same thing happens in the USA and probably most other countries. I do think it has calmed down in the politically correct atmosphere of the USA though. Still, it goes on even if there is less of it in the press.

While most foreigners that come to the Philippines, especially those to live in the Philippines are great people you are not going to hear about them very often. Only the major stand outs like Hilary Overton are you likely to hear about. Ray Shackelford gets some recognition in a positive light but not a lot. He comes every year and plays Santa Clause, complete with costume. He visits poor areas while passing out candy, fruits, toys and even a cane to a little old lady that had broken hers during Typhoon Yolanda.  There are a lot of good foreigners living here.

Playboy Expats in the Philippines

It really is kind of normal for guys to like women. If they are adults, whose business is it? I know I have to see a lot of them to find that one that appears to be the one for me. I don’t want it to be this way because it leaves too much time alone. I struck out for a solid two months recently. Then suddenly I had five interested women including one that came back from my recent past. I thought we were far more compatible than I do now. Something isn’t right there. I don’t like being without a female companion so I keep looking but lately, I’ve not looked nearly as much. I just don’t get it when both foreigners and Filipinos attack us for that.  Whatever, if that makes happy, go for it. I can assure you I will do exactly what I want to with whom I want to because I don’t need to worry about breaking any laws in that effort.  I will not be doing that. I’ve been to a bikini bar once with my girlfriend. I would not take one of those girls home with me. I do not think badly of them but it is not something that gives me pleasure.

What is your impression of foreigners in the Philippines? Do you see most of us as exploiters? I think that is absurd myself. A guy that is ambitious enough to do what it takes to find what he wants, sounds like a good trait to me. Have you ever misjudged an expat in the Philippines? Goodness, I’ve been misjudged. One guy made me so angry not long ago that I was afraid I’d blow a blood vessel. First he told me to turn to Jesus and then he threatened to kill me. Wow, he understands Christ, doesn’t he? I’m likely to blog about that too and include the email he sent me. I think he has had a change of heart, I do not know because he can no longer reach me.

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