The Philippines is more laid back, that is good for me. I’ve learned to be a little more laid back but right now, I’m not too laid back ha ha. I’m okay really but a bit irritated. This time of the year it is not uncommon for my doctor to be gone for a month or more at time. We ask him every time we go, “Will you be out of the country next month.” Sometimes, he is and I know to go back and get my Xanax prescription early or later.  Sometimes he says no but then he’s gone anyway. That’s what happened this month. So, I stretched out my supply. Skipping one night and half doses other nights. I ran out on the 17th. I’ve also been drinking more Red Horse to help me sleep but it is just not the same deep sleep. Plus, the hotel is noisy. From guest talking in the hall or fighting with their mates in the room next door to the staff being way too loud.

Finally, on the 18th of the month he’s back in the office. Jessie went to get my prescription

Smiling Filipina

Cheryl works at the C Store next door. She’s scared to death of me. 🙂

without issue. Not until she went to get it filled and after going to several pharmacies, they are all out. Don’t know when they will get it in. It’s on order.

I’ll survive and adapt. It’s not the end of the world it is one of the irritations one must deal with if they live in the Philippines. “Get used to it.” But after two days with zero Xanax, I’m not having much fun in the Philippines

I’ve been taking Xanax since about 1985. I didn’t ask for it, a doctor told me I should take it. He was right. I can really tell a difference when I take it. I take a very low dose, only half a milligram a day. I need a full milligram but in the Philippines, the doctor can only give me half of that dose.  Now is the time some troll is going to tell me I am an addict. Do I have an addiction to a highly addictive drug? After taking it for 31 years.  You know, I thought I probably did have one but I’ve learned that I don’t. I started writing this article a couple of weeks ago. I clearly do not have an addiction. I don’t crave it. I do need it. One reason it is taking so long for me to finish this article is that I am not sleeping. I’ve been without it for a month now. The doctor put me on something else but it is doing so little for me, I stopped taking it. I sleep a little better with Benadryl and Melatonin. I have one Red Horse beer every day or two. That knocks me out but I don’t sleep for long. I’m sleeping about 2 hours at a time. But I often can go back to sleep and get two more hours. Sometimes four hours.

Out of Order in the Philippines

This sign has been up at the nearby Western Union office for over a month.

I’m hoping I can get some in a day or two. Maybe on Monday. I have not checked in about two or three weeks. The last time Jessie tried to get it, she was advised to go back to the doctor and get something else, that it might be a while before they have it. That translates to me, they may never have it. I’ll just have to wait and see and adapt somehow. I am tired of feeling tired. I was doing well but now that’s gone. I really don’t need that much beer, I suspect my blood sugar is high but a couple of days ago, I had a low blood sugar spell that woke me up. That’s the first time that happened in years. And I was surprised. Right now, I feel very hot which usually means very high blood sugar.  I just took it, it is 154 which is good for a diabetic. I guess I am simply sleep deprived.

It is often more minor things. Stores run out of products that I use every day. The 24/7 fast

Moving Day

I think this Filipino is in the process of moving but it’s just a guess.

food hamburger joint next door is closed right now. It often is or they are often out of the ham and cheese I like to get. I don’t really like it, but it is fast and it is very cheap.

I’ve been kind of amazed that the Western Union office next door has had a sign up for about a month the displays “Western Union Offline.” What? How could it be offline for that long? I don’t get it. But after living in the Philippines for 8 years, I am not surprised by that.

Friendly Filipina

Cute girls in the back of a truck in Downtown Cebu

I am hopeful, that I can get Xanax soon.  Actually, here it is Xanor but it’s the same drug. While I’m talking about it, the doctor can give me only .5 mg a day and no more. That’s not really enough every day. I use to take 1 mg a day but often took only half of it. Most time, I took only half of it. When I lived in Bogo City, it was not uncommon for the entire city to be out of Diet Coke.  That even happens here sometimes. Far more often, they have stale, flat Diet Coke. That gets pretty old too. I’d rather they just run out so I could get something else. At least I live in a place that has a generator, so I don’t have to worry about that. But once the Internet was out for three weeks! I managed to get by then too but it was a pain.

If you’re easily frustrated the Philippines may not be the right place for you. For me, the

Girl Next Door

She looks like Valerie Bertinelli to me.

women make it worthwhile. I hope Jessie remains the woman that keeps me here. If a good woman is enough for you, then the Philippines might be right for you. Not that they don’t often present a different set of frustrations but I’ve written about that a lot already.

Update: It’s now been about six weeks or maybe longer. Still no Xanax available in Cebu City so it appears it never will be. The sleeping medication helps but I’m going to need to get some ear plugs. I can’t find those here either which is no surprise. I can find them for swimming but not for sleeping. I will order them from Amazon and ship them here but for now, I’m using cotton balls. The employees and some of the guest in the hotel are far too loud, especially in the hall. Making it extremely hard to sleep. I’d like to get a place to rent but that will likely cost much more than I’m paying now and I’ve not been happy with any of the landlords I’ve had here.  The landlords have been bearable but if I don’t have to deal with them, I’ll be happy.

Please tell me about what frustrations you have run into in the Philippines. Also, how you dealt with them would be interesting. If it was just cursing, not need to share the details haha.

UPDATE — Finally Got Xanax

It was a long three months but two days ago Jessie went to the hospital pharmacy and they had Xanax. Life is so much better when you can sleep. I’ve had it twice now and wow, do I feel better. The last three months have not been great. I had one or two good nights sleep for the entire time. Even putting cotton in my ears so noises would not bother me as much. I’m still going to get ear plus from Amazon the next time I order which will probably be next month. I wonder, will the pharmacy have it next month? Guess I’ll find out, no point in worrying about it. Worry is what I’m good at and thus, my need for Xanax. I wish I could change that but I worry.

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