I recently had dinner at the Golden Courie at SM Mall. SM mall serves as a good place for people to meet in the city, especially if they don’t know exactly where you are. A text mate and I decided to meet there for a first date. There is a bench outside of Golden Courie and I need a place to rest my aching back. So I sat down to rest and wait for her to arrive at the mall.

As I reached for my phone she asked where I was so I told her at SM. She let me know she was already there too. Later I found out that we both arrived at the same time and she saw me enter the mall. Took her a lot longer to get to me than it took me to get down there. Filipina’s are shy. I was afraid she got a long distance look, turned around and went away haha.

Meeting Mae at Golder Courie

I had seen many of her pictures, I think on Tagged but her pictures don’t look like the one I took nor did they do herFirst Date with Filipina justice because she’s quite pretty.

I’ve been to Golden Courie quite a few times. The food is very good. I always get the Baby Back Ribs and always happy I did. There large order for about P350 will feed two people.  They had some fried chicken fingers that looked very good too. Didn’t look like it would be enough for me.

However, I repeatedly have trouble with service at the SM location. It’s normal for your drinks to arrive late.  Once, I waited for about 30 minutes after my food arrived and still nothing to drink. I was thirsty. I brought a bottle of water with me this time but I wasn’t planning on eating there.  So this time I was prepared for that. My friend, Mae had shrimp. She got way too much for her to eat. The price for it was very low. I think under P100.

A Review of Golden Courie

My food was delivered quickly but they didn’t bring Mae’s at the same time. I played with it for a while, trying to stall but finally I could see it was going to get cold. Finally, about 20 minutes later I started to eat it. I tried to go slow so I wouldn’t be completely finished by the time Mae’s food arrived. It was hard, it took a long time for her shrimp to arrive. I don’t know how long. I left my hotel room at 4pm and got back home at 8pm. We must have been in that restaurant for more than 2 hours. Sometime Golden Courie is also spelled Golden Cowrie.

Golden Courie Getting the meal paid for was the hardest part. I waved my hand in the air haha. Once I got the waiters attention, I drew the customer box with my fingers in the air to signal to him I wanted to pay.  It was at least another 20 minutes and I never saw the waiter again. Finally I walked over to the hostess. I had noticed she had a walkie talkie in her hand.  I told her that I needed to pay that it had been at least 20 minutes since I told the waiter.

This wasn’t the first time though for slow service at this location. Once before, I was with Jessie and some of her friends. Jessie and I planned on a movie but by the time we got out of there it was too late to go.

I’m done with the Golden Courie at the SM location. There is another one on Osmena Circle, I think it’s in Robinson’s Mall.Lamp Inside Golden Courie  I’ve been there twice. I don’t know if the ribs were as good there. I didn’t think so. Still good but something was different. I’ve visited the SM location for the last time unless I plan to camp out there.

That’s part of what they do though. It’s Filipino style cuisine. I think the idea is to sit back and relax and enjoy or bond with those you are with. The first time I went there, that’s what was going on with Jessie and her college friends. No one in a rush, no one going any place. If that’s your plan then this is a great place to do it. And from time to time, that’s a good thing to do. Just go slow and bond with friends or family. Filipinos love to bond.  They use that word a lot.

As for Mae and I, the evening went very well. We are close friends now.  And in contact daily.   It is very likely we will see each other again.  Where will we go? I don’t know, where ever it is, it will be slowly. What I know is Mae acts much like a provincial girl, she’s not quite as shy and timid though. Oh she’s shy but handles it better than most. She’s very respectful which is a sign of her good Filipino upbringing. She’s very sweet and I like her very much.

By Rusty Ferguson

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