I have been frustrated with my comment options. The old plugin that I used to tie into FaceBook was causing errors on the site.

So I got rid of  and used FaceBook’s plug. I was never happy with that system because it took away the option to use the default WP system.

Finally I have a solution, plus you can now use G+ if you have a G+ account. If you do, I’d prefer that you use it. Use whichever one you like best.

The problem is, its a little unclear on how you change between the different options. So, I decided to write this post to help.

Just above the comments you’ll see three Icons with text labels. One for each system, G+ FaceBook and the built in WordPress comments.

Click on those buttons and you’ll get see the comments left within that system.  I have some screen shots to make it all clear, I hope.

Below you’ll find a graphic of the comment box. When you first see it, it defaults to the Google Plus system.  Notice the blue arrow. That tells you which system you’re on.  If you click on the WordPress icon, you’ll get the built in WordPress system that many of you already know.


After you click on the WordPress icon you will see this. Notice in the picture above there are no comments but in the bottom picture there are many comments. But many prefer the standard built in WordPress. I need the blog advertised all over.


 So it’s not a perfect solution but its the best I’ve seen yet.

It is still too complicated but at least we do have a choice again.

Hope you find it useful and if you have any question feel free to ask.

By Rusty Ferguson

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