Many people are seeking a way to earn an income while living overseas.  Some seek employment in a foreign land. Not a bad option for developed nations in Europe and other places in Asia.  It isn’t a very likely option for the Philippines. I do have some ideas though if you are looking for an income for expats.

There are some expats that find work here.  They are the exception though and many that do are working illegally and for very low pay. If that is the option you wish to pursue, you should arrange employment and work out visa requirements before you come. Otherwise, you’ll be earning what Filipinos most often earn.  You’ll be lucky to earn $300 a month if you wait until you get here.

An Income For Expats while Living in the Philippines

Starting your own Philippines based business is another can of worms. I’ll write another article about that soon.

Myself, I regret ever working for someone else.  When I graduated, I had young child, a wife and a mortgage so I had to earn an income. I didn’t have the luxury of living with my parents while I found my path.

I think that earning a living with a website is the best option for expats that live in the Philippines. I strongly suggest you Rusty on an Income For Expatsget started on it before you arrive here. I offer a free eBook and newsletter to help you get started if you’re interested. It can be downloaded by clicking here.  It ties in with a really good guy. His name is Chris Farrell and he has an excellent course for newbies. I took it even though I had been building websites for over ten years.  The course really helped me go from not earning very much to earning a good income online.

I also write some articles on another website that will help you get going with an online business. That is TantalizingWeb.Com. I don’t spend as much time on that as I need too but I don’t have a lot of time left over for that site.  I’m developing some video courses and I really need to get busy on that.

Right now though, I’m working on something else. If you follow me on FaceBook or Google + you’ve probably seen me talking about it. I’ve tried not to talk about it too much but I’m really excited about this opportunity.

I was extremely skeptical when I first saw it. In fact, I passed on it several months ago. I didn’t understand what it was. I wish I hadn’t done that. It is a MLM system and I don’t usually get involved in those. This one though is different and it just started.  In fact, it’s not launched yet. If you wait until it is launched you will have missed a golden opportunity.

How To Make a RippleIt is called Rippln and it is a new social network aimed at mobile users. Unlike other social networks, they are going to give us an opportunity to earn an income by building up their social network. We built FaceBook and Google Plus and all the other social networks. These sites build almost no content. They rely on us to do it for them.  If you have a business page, FaceBook now wants us to pay to distribute the content we add to their network.

Rippln will be a provider of applications. It is itself an application to be installed on your iPhone or Android mobile device. If you are already using a mobile device, it is very likely that you tell people about an application that you really like. I have often wished these applications had an affiliate program so that I could earn something for sharing them.

Now I can earn an income for doing what I already do. That is, sharing applications that I like. I say now but I can’t do it now because the network is not yet launched. I joined three or four days ago and already have 70 people signed up. So clearly there is a lot of interest in this.

You can only join this by invitation. I have an invitation for you though. If you click this link, you will be taken to the site with my invitation embedded. There will be a short video. It won’t explain everything to you but it will help.  Once you join, I have setup several ways of letting you know how to work this. There are also several training videos inside your Rippln control panel too. If you’d like to find out more, click here  to watch the video and then join. If you have questions, you can ask in the comments below.

UPDATE For Rippln:At times I have limited invites. My invites are now limited. So if you visit the link, you’ll be asked for an invite code. If you would like an invite code please leave a comment asking for that and a way to reach you privately. I will send you an invite.

UPDATE Number 2

As I mentioned above, at this time I can only send out invitations to people individually. I get new invitations daily. If you want one, the best way to get one is get on my waiting list. That way I can send them out in the order I receive them.  You can join that list by clicking here.

I can’t promise you that you will earn a good income from Rippln because I don’t know that I will. What I am going to do though is put myself in a position where I have a possibility to earn a good income from Rippln. The only thing it is going to cost me is time.

I want to return to you getting started with an online business. There are things you can do before you ever build a website. How To Create a WebsiteYou can start connecting with people on your FaceBook and Google Plus accounts. You should have both if you plan to do this. Make sure your profiles are completely filled out and there is a picture of you. People are not going to trust a profile that doesn’t have a picture of you on it. They want to know who you are. Fill in all the information, let people know who you are.

You don’t want to sell something in every post you make. In fact, the rule of thumb is you make 100 post for each time you make an offer to sell something. People will drop you “Like it’s hot” if you are constantly spamming them with offers.

Just be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. You can’t keep it up for long anyway.

Frequently people tell me the whole purpose of your website is to sell your eBook. That just isn’t true. My website was online three years before I had an eBook.

Build your Reputation and Your Network Now

You need to start with the idea of providing something of value. People want information. If you have a hobby that you know something about, you can blog about that. You can learn the business part of it later. I suggest you don’t start with a product in mind but instead start with providing information that people want.  Chris’ course though will help you find good general areas where there is a lot of demand. There is not a lot of demand in the living in the Philippines niche. I really suggest you start with something else.

What is important is that you get started. You can start without a website of your own. You need that eventually but connecting with people on FaceBook and Google Plus is a very good thing to do in the mean time.  Seek out others that are interested in that topic and “engage” them is the current buzz word people like to use.

Again, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer it.

By Rusty Ferguson

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