Anyone that follows me knows that I never really got over Jessie. It felt like we were meant to be together. One night, I realized that I’m getting sicker and sicker and I really need someone that can and is will to help me with running errands. I was not alone that night. Now Rusty and Jessie are together again and I plan to keep it that way. Preventing her from being bored may be a challenge.

That night, I sent Jessie a text and asked her if she wanted to try again. She too really needs me. She was getting ready to leave the country so she could support herself. At one point over the last year she got super skinny. She was not eating, trying to feed her boys. Common thing here in the Philippines. She was not super skinny when she got here and I was surprised. She explained she had joined “The Old Ladies” club in Tacloban and they drink lots of tuba. That’s also known as “Jungle Juice” it is wine made from coconuts. It is moonshine basically. I’ve had some, from her father and it was good stuff. You never know what you’re getting when you drink that. Like moonshine in the USA sometimes it’s not made under the best of conditions.

A Filipina and an American Love Story

An old lady at 36 years old? Not by our Western standards. In fact, that’s crazy in our culture. A 35 year old woman is considered in Jessie with Rusty Ferguson in Cebuher prime in the USA even though she probably did look better at 22 also. Neither of us are as young as we were when I got here. I’ve added more ugly to my ugly haha. Still many Filipina find me to be gwapo or handsome. Jessie looks very good to me. Wonder if she can still pass for a “Bond Girl” in that bathing suit I got her from Playboy? I don’t know but I doubt she even brought it with her. I don’t have any plans on going to a beach soon but I’d like too.



I bought myself a new camera a couple of weeks ago. It’s an awesome camera. I need a lot of new toys to go with it. The lenses I have are simply not good enough. Before I’m done I will have spent more money on the camera than I did on a Toyota 4×4 in 1988. I wish I was joking. I’m glad I got it though, no regrets. My cheap lenses are just not clear enough. I bought the Canon 7D EOS Mark II which you can find here . I’ve been wanting it for five years. I bought a top of the line camera back around 1985 and it was a remarkable film camera nn the digital age, I’ve fall way behind. I do have plans to visit some places, one is often referred as the “Castle Church” or the Simala Shrine in Sibonga. If I don’t die on the steps, then I’ll post an article about it after the trip.

Castle Church Simala Shrine

Photo Credit Kelly Parker

I found a couple of videos on YouTube that helps explain the church. One of them is very long and gives much more detail but I wanted you to see the outside of the building.

Jessie and I went to the Cebu Heritage monument today. My reason for going was for to take some pictures. So far, I’ve not gone on any photo taking trips since getting this camera. That trip resulted in my ordering a circular polarizing filter because the sun washed the pictures out. I was surprised the camera couldn’t handle the conditions any better than it did but I will be the first to admit, I do not know how to properly use the thing haha.

Cold Filipina

Jessie freezing at Cebuview Tourist Inn

It is a professional level camera but most professional would have the even more sophisticated Canon 1D or 5D. I decided years ago not to get the 5D because I keep reading that while it will use the cheap lenses it really requires the L series lenses.  Those things are about $2000 each. Guess what, the 7D Mark  also requires those lenses.

I think I will be able to “fix” the pictures I took today in the computer. In fact, I’m about to import them into the machine and put one right here or I hope so. For now, let’s get you folks updated on Jessie and me.

Jessie and I are alone. Her boys are in Tacloban. She’ll be able to go home a lot more often from here than she could do so if she went to Hong Kong as she was planning to do. I hope we can go visit in a couple of months but I don’t know. She may have to go alone. It will be cheaper that way. I really want to see the boys, especially Jermain who keeps asking when I am coming there. That is always hard for me to hear.

I never stopped loving Jessie, yes I was upset with her but loving her was a given. So far, things are going very well for me. I hope she feels the same way. Today, she seemed a little bored and that worries me. I will try to get her to go shopping for me soon. I am broke from my extravagant camera spending and I had some expensive immigration expenses. However, I need new clothes and she can go check them out. That is, if she would like to do that. It will give her something to do.

While I’m sharing videos, I will share one of mine. A “Blast from the past: you might say. This video is five to seven years old. My new camera will now shoot HD video so I can once again record video, hopefully there will be some worth posting.

She’s still an angel and still ornery haha. Pssst, the only time she ever admitted she was wrong was with a video camera running.

We both became interested in an online multiplayer game called Clash of Clans. That gave us something to talk about rather than just problems from the past and the present. In the game, most of us join clans of up to 50 people and then war with other clans. She is in one clan and I am in another. I joined her clan for a little while but people wouldn’t speak English so I left. I am very happy with the clan I am in and he is happy with her clan so we will probably not be in the same clan but you never know what will happen in the future. I would like that but if it doesn’t happen that’s okay. We both spend too much time playing that silly game. I’m worse than she is. Right now, I had to stop playing as I can’t see any more haha. Looking at a cell phone’s tiny print for a long time is not a good thing and I do need new glasses. These are five years old and my eyes are five years weaker. Maybe even more than that, yeah, I think it is more like 7 years old.

When it comes to helping me with day to day things, no one has come close to being as good as Jessie with that. She had offers from several of my “friends.” You’re a bunch of vultures in my mind. She wasn’t my only choice. She was the best choice. Hopefully, we will both be better to each other this time around. We do need each other.


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