Foreigners love to talk about scamming Filipina but rarely do they discuss the evil intentions and lying of Foreigners living in or visiting the Philippines. Probably if there were more women bloggers that would change. Maybe not, I wonder if Filipina would be willing to disclose their own personal experiences. I think that most would not. I wrote a lot about the less that golden women lately so here we go with an examination of the guys. There are plenty of scamming men in the Philippines and many of them are foreigners living in the Philippines.

Many of them take advantage of naïve Filipina. Young women that don’t have much experience with men. Many girls, especially out in the provinces don’t have any boyfriends until they are 18 and even then they tend to be scared to death of men. Some will sneak around and have a boyfriend at a younger age. A lot will. That’s completely normal. But generally, it is not accepted in most families until the girl is 18. There was a policeman that caught his daughter in a shed with a boy in Bogo City. The boy ended up dead. I don’t really get that, he was just behaving like a normal young man.

With so little romantic experience, Filipina are often very naïve about men. I have met women that do not understand that when a man invites you to his hotel room he often reads more into her acceptance than she might understand.

Foreigners Lying to Filipina

I know guys that have a different woman in their room almost every night.  Sometimes two at different times during the day. You might consider them lucky. I have mixed emotions on it. I’m not going to judge anyone that I know. Like one guy that said the girls want to know when they are going to see him again and he tells them he doesn’t want to see them again. He explains “I never promised them anything”. He’s a little younger than me and in better shape but not real great shape even though he’s solider. I sure can’t pull that off so I wonder what he is telling them. He must be a silver fingered devil. 🙂 I mean his typing, get out of the gutter haha. There isn’t room enough for the both of us down here.

There are many foreigners that have different women in different cities within the Philippines and throughout Asia too. They are usually full face lying to these women. Sometimes the couples have an understanding. No way would I judge that. If you’re not hurting anyone, I don’t see a problem with it. Often there are lies along with this behavior and that hurts people. That’s wrong. However, It’s not like I’ve always don’t the right thing. I’m not perfect. This is just a reality check and sometimes this contributes to the girls scamming us. There are many men that have wives and go to bikini bars, if your wife does not know about this kind of activity then that I think is wrong.  Still, I have no right to judge even if I do. Some of the guys don’t even care if they hurt people, I’ll be honest, I wish we could get you out of the damn gene pool.

Foreigners Treating Filipinas Like Trash

I get angry when I see a foreigner treating a Filipina in a disrespectful way. Last night I was sitting with a group of expats and two cute young Filipina. One of them ask one of the girls if she wanted %#I*@)#. I couldn’t believe my ears.

There was a guy staying here at the hotel that I saw frequently verbally mistreating a Filipina. Several times I heard him talking to her inA giving foreigner in  the Philippines a loud, condescending voice. Once they were on the sidewalk outside of the hotel and he was telling her over and over again to “Use her brain”. She had tears in her eyes. More than likely he was the one that didn’t understand. He probably was asking her to do something that was common in his home country but not common here. This was the second time I had seen him talking to her in this way. It was also the last time. She was gone soon afterwards. I know it is frustrating when things here are different. I remember many times I was frustrated with things not happening and Jessie not asking. It was because she would have felt like a fool for asking. What is common in your original country might seem foolish here. You go ask.

There are guys online that really don’t get the Philippines and certainly do not get Filipina. Maybe they are talking about the Filipina they met in a bikini bar, probably in Angeles City which is famous for those. Hey if that’s your thing, I understand. Sometimes I wish it was mine. Probably cheaper in the long run but just not for me. No doubt it is less painful.

Don’t think that is what the Philippines is like. It isn’t. Angeles City is an anomaly.

Had a Problem in Customs

This seems to be one of favorite foreigner lies. He has several girls lined up to meet when he gets here. I actually recommend that but don’t make promises you can’t keep. If she’s interested she will work a little harder to get you. But usually, he’s promised her the world and she probably did the same thing. He meets the first one and likes her and stays put or decides the bikini bars are all he really cares about. I don’t know but the girl is left there waiting.

While Jessie was waiting for me to arrive in the Philippines, the manager of the apartment said they had a girl they let move in a day or two early on the promise her foreigner was coming. But after about a week it became obvious that he wasn’t going to show. Then he said he had a problem with customs. So Jessie was pretty scared that I wouldn’t show. Actually, she didn’t think I would show. No way, she as my life.

I was texting with her once I got to the airport and she asked me if I was already through customs. I wondered why she asked me that. It made a big enough impression on me that I remember it even after more than five years. Then after a couple of weeks she told me about the story above. Then I knew why she asked.

That was a nice day though and Jessie was scared to death that I was there haha. I have the good times to remember and enjoy.

I think you should have many contacts when you come to the Philippines looking for love. That doesn’t mean you should promise them that you already know you want a relationship with them. I don’t think you should promise that, especially if you have never been here because you don’t realize your options. Once you start making promises to women though, you dang well ought to be keeping them. The problem with promises are that the chances are high you’re going to get hurt. It might work, it often does but more often the lady was full of lies and it isn’t going to go well for you. Or she was lying to herself. We are human, we are all capable of having dreams we think we want but really we do not.

Meet women online from the Philippines, keep it light and met them all while you’re here. Just don’t promise more than you can do. Because then you become a scamming foreigner.

Lying Foreigners in the Philippines Scamming Each Other

This is one of the more evil ones in my mind. One of the big ones is where you can earn 50% interest or some similar outrageous number.

When I first arrived in the Philippines back in 2008, a lot of people I met were into this. It was run through a bank but it was a pyramidLying Foreigners in the Philippines: Expat In a Philippines Jail scheme. Not all pyramid schemes are bad but the ones that rely solely on more money coming in are always bad. If there is no product and even when there is a product, it’s often a problem.

This was a bank that was promising unrealistic interest earnings. The bank failed. In most cases, when I a bank in the Philippines gets into trouble, the other banks come in and buy it out. Just like in the USA and probably other places in the world.

That didn’t happen here. There is a Philippines depositor insurance, I think PDIA is what it is called but don’t hold me to that. They are very slow to pay. The last I heard on this was a few years ago and most depositors didn’t get anything back. The records at the bank were so bad that the insurance agency couldn’t tell who had deposited what. Or at least that was the claim.

Expats were in this up to their eyeballs. Now most probably didn’t know it was a bad idea. Then a couple of years later, some of the same expats were in another one. They knew it was extremely risky and would likely fail. They had to know since it was virtually the same thing. I don’t think there was a bank behind it and never picked up a lot of popularity like the first one did. I don’t recall the names of the schemes any more. I am just glad I didn’t get in it. The Philippines tried to prosecute the owners of the bank but I don’t know how that ended up.

Questionable Businesses Run by Expats

Now sometimes these guys don’t have a clue and got taken themselves. There was a guy, he was running around with the same group of folks in the interest scam above. He was selling some product to boost your Internet speed.  The product didn’t work. I saw him advertising it on the same forum that the interest scam was run on. I think he believed it. I think though he had to believe it as he had no income. He was desperate. I’ve been there. I’ve heard of expats pretending to be women and scamming foreigners. Tempting but I don’t want anyone to blow their brains out over me. Besides, it is theft.

When dealing with expats, especially those that have been here for a few years and you are very new, you must exercise more than due diligence. You need to disbelieve until proven otherwise.

Hey, I promoted something I believed in. It was or is called Rippln but when it came time to put money in, I advised people to wait. I did put money in because the people below me couldn’t opt in to the income producing option unless I did. It was a scam. I got scammed a little and one person I brought in likely did too. I lost less than $200. It wasn’t though because I didn’t warn them. Once Rippln started making offers, it looked bogus to me. They had an Internet marketing course that not only would make you money but fix everything in your life?  Give me a break. It was a shame because if they had just done what they said they were going to do, they had a real gem on their hands.

In Conclusion

Good Friend in the PhilippinesWith men behaving this way, is there really any surprise that women turn the tables and scam us back? Not to me. I know women that have been hurt by the shenanigans of the foreigners.  It might be a bitter pill to swallow but we men have contributed if not created the problem ourselves.

I should also say there are many good men here. Women often tell me I’m a good man. Honestly, I don’t feel like a good one. I want a partner and if I can find one that will be great. I don’t think it is ever going to happen for me and that’s okay. Maybe there is some reason for it besides my many internal problems. I will keep looking but based on my experience with psychopaths, I don’t expect it to happen. I will continue to find them haha.

What are your experiences with this kind of thing? What have you seen men in the Philippines do to hurt women? Please let’s talk about it in the comments. I would love to hear from some Filipina that have had their hearts ripped out or no someone that has. As always, if you find this article to be helpful, please share it with your friends on your social networks. When you do that, it really helps the site. Finally, most of the expats shown in the pictures here are good men. Please don’t assume otherwise. Santa AKA Ray is one of the grandest guys I know.

By Rusty Ferguson

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