Martial law has been declared in parts of the Philippines.  There is a centuries old conflict ongoing in the southern part of the Philippines between Muslims and Christians. As best as I can tell, this has been going on for 400 years! My intention in this article is to get something quickly posted just to let people know.

I am not very concerned about the martial law declaration. It certainly is not a surprise. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t expand to more parts of the Philippines during the next six years.  That does concern me but I’ll deal with that if and when it happens. I don’t think it would change much for me. 

If I were an insurgent or drug dealer I’d be concerned. Since I don’t bother people and I keep to myself mostly, it is highly unlikely I personally would ever hit anyone’s radar.

There are some statements that that President Rodrigo Duterte is reported as saying.  But he talks loudly and big and I don’t let words concern me a great deal any more. He has “walked back” many of his most alarming statements. 

He is reported to saying things that indicate he cares little about constitutional safeguards and the rulings of the supreme court. I give no opinion on those comments because that is a violation of Philippines law for a foreigner.  you can find out more of what he had to say and decide for  yourself by clicking here.

I just wanted to get some information out there. I’ve already been emailed about this situation. It doesn’t bother me in the least.

There has been fighting in Mindanao to some degree most of the time I have been here. There are area where it certainly dangerous to go. There are terrorist there that would love to kidnap any foreigner and demand ransom. When no payment is made, most are beheaded. 

There is some beautiful country in Mindanao and most of the people are wonderful including most of the muslims. But there are more people in that part of the country that would like to do me and others harm just because of who we are and where we come from so it’s not a great place to go. Many do go and most have “no problem” but as I always say, security is mostly a matter of probability and the chances of harm coming to someone in some parts of Mindanao are much higher than most of the rest of the country.

Just a quick bit of information so you will know that martial law has been declared in parts of the Philippines and that I am not very concerned about it at this time.

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