There are a lot of stories about monsters in the Philippines. There is much debate on whether they are true or fictional even in among Filipinos. I have my opinions on the ghost stories and they may not be what you think, keep reading to find out about those.  I will say that there are monster sized bats in the Philippines.

The Philippines is home to the largest bat in the world and the smallest if what I watched on Discovery or Nat Geo was correct. I don’t remember which network I saw it on.  However there recently was a giant Flying Fox was captured in the southern part of the Philippines on an island known as Mindanao.  This is a giant bat and is very cool.

Monsters In the Philippines a Fact

The video below shows one large Flying Fox captured by the military. These are endangered but the military has special rules about keeping the peace and it was causing hysteria in an area where there was armed military combat. I wish they had left it alone but I’m not going to make a judgement on that myself.

With creatures like this flying around the Philippines it’s easy to understand why there are stories of supernatural monsters too. However, I don’t totally dismiss those either now.

Personal Experiences with Supernatural Monsters in the Philippines?

As for other types of monsters you can read about a short article I wrote on Google plus that I called I’ve been Spooked with the preceding link. There are all kinds of stories about various kinds of supernatural stories within Filipino culture. I’ve heard other expats tell some bone chilling stories and I’ve seen and head enough things that I can’t totally dismiss any of it any more.

One thing I didn’t mention in the post Google Plus article is that Jessie and our maids told me of the smell of roses in them Scary Homeless Manmorning in our home. I don’t know if they were roses but I too smelled flowers on multiple occasions. I tired and tried to think of some explanation for it but I never did come up with anything. The smell was strong!

Something else I didn’t write about before was the sensation of something getting into bed with me on more than one occasion. It also pressed into me as if laying beside me. It caused me to turn over and look. It felt like Jessie climbing into bed but she was not home. The last time it happened I was having severe chills due to an infection in my foot. I had sent Jessie a text and asked her to come home because, honestly, I was scared. Not because it felt like someone was in bed with me but because the chills where severe. I actually felt comforted by whatever got into bed.  My fever was not high.

A few minutes before Jessie returned to the room, I felt this entity leave. I didn’t know Jessie was almost there and then the door opened. Jessie was sure it was a ghost but I’ll just leave it as to what it felt like. I’m not going to say what it was.

The picture above left is of a homeless guy that was a bit scary when I saw him but very friendly when I asked if I could take his picture. I took this photo yesterday on Osmena Boulevard in Cebu City.

There is also a large Eagle in the Philippines that is most often found in Mindanao as well. It can be hard to find wildlife in the Philippines but it tends to be quite exoctic, from the Tazier, a small primate that looks like a gremlin or a Common Brown Cobra which are plentiful in some areas but rare in Cebu. I have seen water monitors in Cebu but out the province. There are also wild monkeys here but I have never seen one in Cebu. I did see them in Palawan and they were quite bold the little thieves haha.  I’ve also owned two Philippines Monkeys and they were both a delight. George the first one was my buddy and I do miss him very much.  Juliet had been abused and was mentally ill as a result. She would bite anyone and once bit me hard enough to draw blood.

8193966_ec503b5b6f_oBats are plentiful in the Philippines. I’ve seen them hanging from the rafters in churches and flying in large hordes just outside of Bogo City.  I would almost always see them when I went out on my porch at night.  Sometimes feeling their wind wake as they flew quite close to me.

Overall though there are far fewer wild animals in Cebu than I am use to seeing in the Southern USA. Even birds are not nearly as common. I joke with Filipinos because I tell them it’s because you guys will eat anything alive. Most seem to agree with me.  One of the first things you may observe while living in the Philippines is that Filipinos are very resourceful and you’ll find that that true when it comes to making use of animals.

Picture Credit Philippines Tarsier

I would love to hear your comments below. It would be nice if you will share your own experiences with monsters in the Philippines whether they be natural or supernatural. You can comment via FaceBook, Google Plus or click on WordPress to use the built in comment system. I hope to hear from you and please share this living in the Philippines post on as many social networks as you think it’s worthy to be on.

By Rusty Ferguson

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