Yesterday I had the pleasure of revisiting the Odlot Hideaway beach resort in northern Cebu. I’ve been there several times as it is close to my home. It takes about 20 minutes I think to get there via trike. The Odlot Hideaway is less than 4 miles away as the crow flies and just over 5 miles using the winding roads that curve through the mountains. They are not huge mountains but I wouldn’t want to climb them. Actually, I would if it wouldn’t likely kill me to do so. There is another Hideaway resort in Medellin so it is important to make that distinction when writing about it. That trip is a good bit further so we have not taken the family there.

Odlot Hideaway Beach Resort with the Family.

We loaded up the family and invited several others. I counted that we had 10 people (including the trike driver) on the Odlot Hideway Mappoor trike. We took the ya ya, two of my Filipina friends, Jessie her two boys and two of their friends.  We got there around noon I think and stayed to around 5pm. I think we should go back at night sometime. Many people didn’t get there until late in the day. In fact, we were the first people there. We usually go on Sunday’s and there are many people there before we got there. The graphic on the right indicates the location of Odlot Hideaway from Bogo City. It might be a little confusing because Odlot is a township that is considered a part of Bogo City.  If you click on the image on the right it will expand so you can get a better look. If you are interested in this kind of thing the coordinates for Odlot Hideaway according to my phone is  11° 0’13.38″N 124° 2’31.80″E.

I am also providing a KML files that you can upload into your GPS tracker. You can download that file here. If you have an Android phone and do not already have a program known as GPS essentials you should get it. It is free and can be downloaded here. I tried several such programs and this one smashes the rest.

The cost for Odlot Hideaway is not bad but since I’m use to what things cost in the Philippines it is significant to me. Our Trike Ride to Odlot Hidawaytable cost P800 and there is an entrance fee of about P20 a head. I say Jessie give them P200 and didn’t see her get any change.  We also had to pay the trike driver for our round trip, I didn’t ask but that usually cost around p280. Then there is our food. Only mine is expensive, I had Jollibee chicken while everyone else had typical Filipino food featuring fish. My Filipina friend Stephanie said she was going to go with Cheryl, the ya ya to buy fish at the market. Stephanie is really the ya yas friend but I know her too. She even gave me an Visaya lesson or two.

The water was nice and high which is always  good to see. The last time I was there a typhoon had passed by a few days before and the Visayan Sea rocked us like a washing machine. We couldn’t stay in the water as it was crashing over the natural sea walls of the resort. So it was mostly just dangling off the walls and that provided a heavy dose of water.

Odlot HideawayI tried something new for me  when I first arrived. It was the first time I had been there since getting my Android cell phone. I snapped a picture with it and uploaded it to Facebook. I mentioned that I was with four beautiful Filipina but this picture didn’t include any of those. So I got several complaints because there were not pictures of girls. I told them patience, I would upload them later. That picture though, at least on my phone and FaceBook like it may be one of the best I took. My DSLR is an old Rebel XT and either I don’t know how to use it or it just doesn’t handle the bright sun very well. I suspect it is combination of the two. The picture at the right is the one that came from my phone. I took over 150 pictures but if I try to upload them all here before I publish this story, it will take a long time to publish this article. I will also upload all of the good ones, especially the many shots of the beautiful women to my FaceBook page which you can see at that link.

Cheryl, Stephanie and Jessa spent a lot of time mildly flirting with the group of pinoy that showed up. They found what Jessie called a “Make Out Cave.” I don’t know if it is natural or made from the water. Likely it is made from the water. I heard them squealing and looked over to see one pinoy pulling up his pants. Now I don’t know if he had his underwear down or not.   I don’t think so. I kept noticing that Jessa was shaking her body a lot and standing on benches, anything to get up high and be notices.  She is 19 and the bravest of the pack.  All three of them are gorgeous.

Beautiful Filipina at Odlot HideawayI waited until they had their hair down to get my group picture, only Jessie still had her hair up and she already bit my head off for requesting she put it down so I didn’t go there again.  I kept thinking I need to get these three ladies a bikini. Well, one for each of course. It could happen.

Going to the beach is part of Filipino culture as well for many, if not most families. Jessie tells me that her family went to the beach every Sunday when she was young. That her pa pa always took them.  I almost went on Friday instead as we had a long brownout. A brownout (really a blackout) is a the perfect time to go the beach. No air con, no computer, no fan for most people, head to the beach is a fantastic idea during those dreaded times they just turn off the electricity in the Philippines.

 Though the Filipina had my attention much of the day, I also enjoyed the kids. Jermain is learning to swim. He is five years old. He seems much older. His brother swims like a fish. He likes me throwing a bottle filled with water out that sank to bottom and he would dive to get it. I could throw it out the farthest so it was harder for him to get. He finally came back short of breath and only wanted me to toss it one more time. I was thankful because I knew my arm would be sore today and it is.

The highlight of the day regarding Jessie has to do with her stunning good looks and her sexy bathing suit. She likes to jump off the diving board. She was standing on it for a long time. I heard one of the pinoy yell “Oi” and then slap his friend on the head because he was staring at Jessie.  When she’s walking across the Odlot Hideaway beach  in that swim suit it is a nice sight to behold indeed.

The Girls go Fishing at The Odlot Hideaway

I noticed the young Filipina were catching something in a cup. It was Cheryl in her hot red top that became the fisher Jessie at Odlot Hideawaywoman. Later Jessie swam out to me and told me they caught a jelly fish. Not in a million years would I do that because I thought they all stung. I know now they do not. I watched Cheryl walking around with it in hand. Jessie went on to tell me that they were eating the jelly fish. They were eating it raw, right out of the sea. They are still alive today. So I guess they know what they are doing.

I asked Jessie if she ate raw jelly fish and she assured me she wanted no part of that. I reminded her she ate balot and she told me that is different, it is cooked.  It didn’t shock me that they ate the poor jelly fish but it certainly was a surprise to me. I didn’t know that was on the menu in the Philippines.

I had a nice day at the beach. I have been to Odlot Hideaway many times but it has been a long time since I made it to any beach. There are a lot of beaches around Bogo City. I keep hoping they will develop that dive site the mayor has mentioned in the past. I think I have been to the islet that is the most likely spot for it. There are several other islets around Bogo City. I have long wanted to join San Remegio beach club but without transportation it isn’t practical to do so.  Odlot Hideaway meets my needs just fine. For me, it is always a good sign when you’re going to a resort that is not full of tourist but instead many locals are there.

By Rusty Ferguson

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