Scamming Filipina?

I met a pretty Filipina on Google Plus not long ago. We’ve become friends and tonight I learned she’s a scamming Filipina. She’s not very good at it and she doesn’t think she’s doing any thing wrong. She’s the kind of girl that would rarely do anything she thought was wrong. That is kind of the scary part though. I attract narcissistic people like flies on, well you know. I notice it faster in men but it is harder with women.

This article will also reveal some of the difficulties in getting a Filipina out of the country. Due to the large number of Filipinas that fall victim to human trafficking the Philippines is denying departure to many.

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US Dollar to Philippine Peso

Wow, the US dollar to Philippines peso exchange rate has seen dramatic improvement for American expats living in the Philippines. At this time, it is flirting last years high of 44 to 1USD. Will it continue before it starts a downward fall? It may reach 44 or higher but I don’t think we will see more of the strong improvement that we have seen over the last two months.  The dollar went over 44 for a time on Friday but then fell back to under 44 by days end. I don’t know if the dollar can stay over 44 for an extended time at this point. It doesn’t appear so.

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Basilica del Santo Nino

One favorite things to see in Cebu is the Basilica Minore Del Santo Nino.  I’ve been there half a dozen times or so. I’m sure I will visit again. There seems to always be activity there. There are lots of people and usually many vendors selling assorted items like balloons. These items add color and touch of excitement around the building.

Soon afterwards a fight broke out over a girl and Magellan was killed and his fleet sent fleeing from Cebu.

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Rusty and Jessie

Old men and young women in the Philippines is a controversial topic. It isn’t a big deal for most Filipinos but in Western culture it drives some to passing judgment. I am bit amused by the judgments and sometimes a bit hack off by them. Honestly, I don’t like it when people judge others. I don’t care if it is me or someone I don’t know. I will usually rise to the defense of the person being judged. It is just my nature. I think I like that about me. The age difference between old men and young women in the Philippines isn’t as big of an issue for couples as some seem to think.

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Two Banca in Route to Bantayan Island

I have visited Bantayan Island in Cebu Philippines around ten times. Just a guess, I didn’t take the time to count it. It is my favorite place on earth. Though Palawan is a close rival to Bantayan Island and I really enjoyed my one visit to that island. Bantayan Island is located off the northern coast of Cebu. It takes me about two hours to get there. That includes the one hour ferry ride from Hagnaya. It has been almost two years since I’ve been able to go to Bantayan.

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Taoist Temple

For me, the Taoist Temple in Cebu Philippines is one of the highlights of Cebu. It is the only Taoist Temple I have been too. If you’ve been to many of them, especially the ones in Thailand, it probably will not be as impressive to you. If you’re into photography though, it’s a great place to visit. Perhaps that is why I loved it so much.

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After A typhoon in the Philippines

What is the difference between a cyclone, a typhoon and a hurricane? That is such an easy answer as the answer is there is no difference. Different words with the same meaning used in different parts of the world. Filipinos are very adept at dealing with typhoons in the Philippines regardless of what they are called.

The rest of us living in the Philippines need to know where they hit and how dangerous they are.

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Philippines Flower

I often get asked “What is the weather like in the Philippine?” The answer really depends on where you are at in the Philippines. Most of the time, the answer is 90 90.  The weather is usually ninety percent humidity and ninety degrees. An answer that wouldn’t need to be explained is that weather in the Philippines is  hot and muggy.

There are only two seasons in the Philippines.

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Filipino on Filipino Time

What time zone is the Philippines in? It is in Filipino time. What time is Filipino time? Well that’s anyone’s guess. You see, Filipino time is not found on any time maps as there are just too many Filipino times. Filipino time is basically when “I get around to it.” It is a reflection of the usually relaxed nature of the Filipino lifestyle.

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Superstitions in Filipino Culture

Tim asked me to write about Superstitions in Filipino Culture. He follows my FaceBook page and left a comment. Since Superstitions in Filipino Culture is one of my favorite topics, I am happy to do it. Most of what I’ve learned, I learned through Jessie, my Filipina girlfriend. She sometimes hides these beliefs from me and I don’t really know why. She thinks I’ll make fun of her but I don’t think I ever have. I have sometimes had serious reservations about her beliefs but that’s usually on medical issues.  That’s a subject for another article. Jessie is does not follow all the traditions that many other Filipina do. I hear the stories from other expats that live in the Philippines and Jessie is very moderate compared to that.

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