I think I can barely remember September of 2013. Yet I don’t wish to miss a single month of my Philippines Expat Journal. I’m not good at keeping notes of what has been happening. I have a couple of private journals but I rarely visit them. One is suppose to record everything I do on my phone. It is called Memory Bubbles.  Its a free program and when it worked, it was awesome.  I think it is corrupted now and maybe just too large. It saves nearly everything I do on my phone to Evernote. But I lost at least a month of activity and I’m getting error messages with it again. I may have to try something else. I just checked it and all of September is gone. September is almost like the month that never happened.

Philippines Expat Journal by Rusty Ferguson

Really though, September was not a very active month for me. Oh I have been very busy but not with things that wouldPhilippines Expat Rusty Ferguson with Jessie interest most people or things I think best not to talk about. Most of my activity was indoors, no all of it was.

Most of my activity was on Google+ were I have been extremely busy. While I am seeing nice engagement on my websites from G+, what I am seeing on FaceBook is depressing. I think mostly due to changes at FaceBook that are intended to drive up income. Its driving me away from FaceBook.

I started to learn about Social Network Analysis in September and have written a bit about it on Google+. Through my social network analysis, I quickly learned I had a troll marking almost 100 percent of my messages as spam. I always manage to find them, don’t I? I only discovered it in September and may talk more about it next month. I know exactly who two of the people involved are.

I was sick for a large part of September as well. A virus of some kind that would not leave me. They stay with me for a long time. I know that’s not good too.

There was one significant development in September. One that make me a bit sad. Juliet is not longer with us. She has gone to live with a Filipino that has a male monkey. I heard she was showing a very nasty attitude for the first few days. That sounds like her. Really, I’m sure she is scared to death. She has been treated badly in the past. I hope she will adjust. I think she will be much happier there and a life that is closer to normal.

I have asked about her since but didn’t get any information. No one here much liked her other than me.  She put up major resistance on being captured and taken.  I kept forgetting she was gone and I’d look over to her cage to great her and then I’d feel a bit sad.  She is better off. I felt so sorry for her, alone in that cage without another of her kind to interact with and too mean to get out of her cage. Yes, it makes me sad but I hope she is better off now. I was afraid I would have to end up killing her. The loss though doesn’t come any where close to the loss of George.  Loosing George is still painful, even fafter five years.

Other than the virus I had my health has been holding steady. Its not good but not getting any worse. Though I seem to have had a lot of trouble thinking in September and that can be part of lupus. I couldn’t remember where letters are on the keyboard and that really worried me. That is still lingering some but is much better now. I was also making a lot of mistakes.

My feet continue to my biggest problem and depression has set it.  I’m sure if I could get out more that would get much better but not being able to get out make it hard to fight depression.

Philippines Monkey with BalutThings have not been great between Jessie and I for more than two years now. We had that crises two years ago that started in September. We never really completely recovered from it. We did for a short time but there’s nothing really wrong, I spend most of my time by myself now. I’ve become use to that. Which was for the best.  We are not together all the time like we use to be.

Money remains quite limited. The dollar’s value has gone up and that has helped a lot but that’s just not enough. I really don’t think my funds should be as tight as they are. I think spending habits have picked up some bad habits along the way. I will be working on that. Being trapped indoors, makes it very hard for me to control how money is spent.

So, its not the best of times for me. It really hasn’t got anything to do with the Philippines. Its just life, one of those more difficult periods. I think all of us go through them. I know this is really not a period to complain about either and I’m not because I have seen so much worse. This is a breeze compared to those times.  Really, its not bad times, just not great times.

Nothing horrible going on and I’m still trying very hard to improve things. I am seeing improvement too. I may even be making a small profit online again. I’ve sold a few manuals and that really helps a lot. I even had a day when Cebu Experience got almost 1000 visitors. That was nice to see but short lived. Still, I’m working on making things better.

They say money will not make you happy but the lack of it sure can keep a fellow down. If I could travel, I would and to heck with these feet. Travel and a new camera would do much to improve my spirits.  My brain will go and they will just have to follow along as best as they can.  I will recover from these monetary struggles. I did have to increase some of my hosting cost though. That very small hosting account just wouldn’t work.

Again, its not the Philippines. Living in the Philippines will help to restore some fun in my life. I need less money to have fun here. Maybe I can take a trip to Malapascua or Bohol before too much longer. I’ve not been to Bantayan in two years and that isn’t very expensive.  Maybe soon.


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