Just a quick post.  There are several problems on the site at the moment. They are related to my theme.

The theme I have been using for years is having convulsions.

The theme I am using now is only temporary.  It is not wide enough to handle the way I have set the blog up.  So things are out of alignment.

I am working on it.  It will get resolved.

Thanks for your patience.


Update. After three weeks of leaving WPEngine hosting, finally things appear to be fixed. They installed junk into my site that fouled up the headers and broke many things. I did the right thing in walking away from that provider.  I’ve got their affiliate banner up on one of my sites. I must go take that down. 🙂

Looks like I broke the email sign up form while tightening down security.  I may have to reinstall that. I’m not sure.


I’m finally to the point I can work on speeding the site up.



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