I recently had to renew my American passport in Cebu City as it was with a month or two of expiring. I am now waiting for it to show up. It takes six to eight weeks for it to arrive. I was surprised that they are going to deliver it to me here in Cebu.  It has been about a month since I went to the American Consular office here in Cebu.

Address for The Consular Office

They are located at: Ground Floor Waterfront Hotel, 6000, Salinas Dr, (Landmark: Basement Area of Waterfront Hotel), Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

You can visit their website by clicking here.

You will need to get a passport photo and take it with you. They asked for two when I got there. Jessie found a Waterfront Hotel In Cebuplace nearby that could take them. It was a hole in the wall but I’m use to that. I’m also use to people not knowing what they are doing. They made the pictures the wrong size. Perhaps they were the correct size for a Philippines passport, I do not know. She took it back and they fixed it, re-printing them in the correct size. The website will give you the size you need.

It was mostly a painless undertaking. When you arrive you’ll be searched. You cannot take anything in with you. They made me leave my camera outside and Jessie had to leave her purse too. They have shelves for that.

What You Need for Renewal 

Gallows to Passport PictureThere hours are very limited and they are often closed. Their website states they are open for one week each month but that too changes often. Be sure to check the website for their operating hours before you go. Their hours are usually 8 AM to 10 AM and that’s it. Being an anti-morning person this made it a challenge for me ha ha.  

I got up at 7 AM and got there with 15 minutes to spare. There was a closed sign but I walked up to the door and they let us in. We almost walked away. The traffic getting there was horrible and it’s probably worse right now as there were signs up that some streets alone the route would be closed for an extended time. Those were near SM Mall.

I didn’t know I needed to take a copy of my passport and I got a frown when I said I didn’t have one. Other than that and the hour or two waiting for my turn to go to the window, there were no issues.

You’ll need exact change as they don’t give change. You can pay in US Dollars or Philippine Peso. The cost was 5,610 peso. That works out to $111.56 at today’s exchange rate. I do not recall the dollar amount they charge for it but it is posted inside the office.

And of course, you’ll need your passport.Photo Studio for Passport Photo

I hated going because I hate dealing with the government. But, it’s not as bad as dealing with the bureaucracy of the Philippines. That’s just me though.

On a side note, detectives from Cebu Homicide where there. Of course, I don’t know what they were talking about but sitting at a table talking with one of the immigration officials.

A bit comical observance for an American and even Jessie chuckled at the name posted on an attorney’s office. It was Tampon and associates.

Attorney Office

Attorney’s Office.

UPDATE: After I wrote this and already had it on website, the next day my passport arrived. So, I would say that it went off without a hitch.

Have you visited an US Embassy office here in the Philippines? How did it go? I know this article is shorter than most of mine but there wasn’t a lot to say. Maybe if I had had more problems but getting my passport renewed was easy. Maybe you have a horror story or two? If so please share them ha ha.

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