On my return to Bogo City things are about what I expected them to be. Except the air conditioner is broke, it is in the shop right now costing close to $100 to get repaired. The anticipated problems with my Internet connection are one minor irritation that get larger because being alone, I have nothing to do when there is no Internet. I had hopped to see more of Jessie than I use to at home but she’d rather spend her time with her friend. Her friend that hates me and the P1900 I spent on the Globe Tattoo 7.2 router is all but a complete waste of money. Money I don’t have. I took it outside in hopes that it might work better out there but I could connect to nothing out there as well.

In case you are a new reader, I’ve spent the last five weeks in Cebu City. I went there and lived out of a hotel since a couple of days after Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in Bogo City. It was an unbelievable storm and caused major damage in Bogo City and the surrounding areas. I should mention that the damage here was much less than that in Tacloban but still significant damage in this part of the Philippines as well.

Our neighbor also has some type of Globe Tattoo satellite connection.  They too report that it is too slow. There areGlobe Tattoo Wireless Internet in Bogo City rumors going around Bogo City that this is a viable solution.  It is NOT a viable solution.  Its better than nothing I suppose but not much better. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t.

It sure would have been nice if I could have plugged this up and saw blazing speeds around 5 Mbps download but the best I’ve gotten is 1.7 Mbps which would be good if I could consistently get that but I can’t get that. At least half the time, I can’t get a ping at all.

I must say though that Globe has contacted me on Twitter.  Several of their people have sent me tweets. Since that time, the connection has improved. And their efforts at providing support have been outstanding. I didn’t contact them, they found my post on FaceBook or Twitter and reached out to me. That is impressive. It will be more impressive if they can make it work. The last tweet I got was asking for address and model number of my unit. So perhaps they will get this working. I’m already impressed with their efforts.  I’ve seen improvement so far.

My Return to Bogo City Not a Joyful One

We have seen repair men working on the phone lines.  Until the DSL is back, I won’t be very active on the Internet. Globe Tattoo does not work well in Bogo City and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Oh its got four bars, or was five. They are all lit up but when the download speed is .02 Mbps you have no connection and often there is no connection at all.

It isn’t an easy time for me. I’m broke, I have a $275.00 light bill, Christmas is five days away and I have about $200. And I’m sick. Its about to rain and the land lady didn’t fix our roof. She need the money early so she could fix it. Instead, she went on a trip to Manila.

Street Vendors in CebuI debated on getting the air con fixed because they may turn out the electricity. I finally decided to go with a couple of cool days and hope they don’t turn it off. They very likely will. They will probably turn it off tomorrow.

There is still a lot of damage in Bogo City. Its been cleaned up but roofs are still gone off many buildings. Walls are sometimes gone. I haven’t been around very much. I wish I could walk all over the town like I use too. I will go for a short walk tomorrow, maybe tonight as well. I don’t know. I won’t walk if I don’t have electricity because I can’t cool off once I get home.

So I’ve had better times in the Philippines. With nothing to keep my mind busy, like the Internet, I’m not in a good frame of mind. I’ve got some projects I could work on but depression is kicking my butt, probably the less I do the more it kicks my butt. Oh and if you didn’t catch it some place else, the Bogo City Cable Company closed their doors so there is no TV either. Honestly, I think the TV would just bore me more.

I dreaded my return to Bogo City but I tried to keep an open mind and a positive outlook. Now that I’m here, well I’m finding it very hard to stay positive. I suppose if the lights go out it will become that much harder. I’m a big boy though, I’ll find a way to get through. I’m a survivor.

This chest congestion I have may get a lot worse though if there is no air conditioning. Oddly, I’m not that hot today. I don’t understand. Usually, when there is no air con in the bedroom, I’m drenched in sweat but I’m not sweating. I guess I’ve gotten more use to it. Maybe I don’t need to run the air con 24.7. It takes so long to cool this room back off though, I’m always afraid to turn it off.

The air con is on its way back from the repair shop as I type this. I hope it works when they bring it back. It wouldn’t be the Santa Claus in Cebu Helping Othersfirst time they worked on it that it came back in worse shape than before they did their repairs.

All these material things, they are not what causes me to be depressed. I think that is obvious and I suppose I have to make some changes. Or maybe not because part of the problem is just me, its an old pattern that I’ve seen before and will see again because I can’t change me.

Well, the air con repair people left about an hour ago. The air con is now blowing out hot air. They can’t come back though as they are engaged in something else. They will be back tomorrow. I’m not surprised. They will get it working but everytime they work on it, I have to call them back to finish it.

As for the future? I don’t know. I’ve had the best years of my life in the Philippines and here is where I will stay. Hopefully, things will get back to wonderful. I have no doubt they can.  Things could be a lot worse too and I know that. Right now, I miss hanging out with Santa. Doing something to help others can go a long way toward fighting depression. I don’t know of any Santa’s in Bogo City though.

By Rusty Ferguson

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