I just had to return to this topic. I don’t know how often I will write about this because I am not spending much time looking any more. There are probably more productive ways to spend my time, like sleeping haha. Now before I get into this, I want to say I think Filipina are wonderful women. However, some of them are not wonderful. On the dating sites, many are lying. I recently had an interesting conversation with one such Filipina. She has really bad luck or she is lying. I will leave that up to the reader to decide. Well, I know her by two different names, at least.

I found Letecia on Date in Asia website . Then she contacted me from another number and told me her name is Karen. I know a Karen and like her so I thought it was that Karen. Then she started asking for money. Karen would not do that. Hard to get her to accept money. This Karen though needed P2500 which is a bit more than $50 to get her dead mom out of the funeral home. Before that she needed money for her child that was sick. Then she had dengue. I think there was one more reason she needed money but I can’t remember that. She contacted me by a third number as well. I could tell it was her on all three because she uses certain standard messages that she sends out.  Preceded with double underscores and key phrases like “I’m knocking on your heart” and “I do not know where to go for help”. You can read about her as well as my next woman to talk about here.

Everlasting Love from Letecia, A Filipina

The other day she sent me this messages and as you can see I replied no but……

Romance in the Philippines

The rest of my last message was something like “You won’t love me”. Finally she is leaving me alone. There was no reply since my last message. Finally, I found the key to get her to go away, I hope.

Latest on AprilJoy

 I also met AprilJoy on Date in Asia. I tried to make this turn into something but it is just hopeless. She’s 21 but acts more like 14. She doesn’t look 21 so I asked for her ID the first time I saw her. She is a student so she should have one and she did show me her student ID. It indicated that she is 21 just as she said.  It is easy to get a fake ID in the Philippines so it could have been fake but since she had already told me she went to school there, I choose to believe it.

While Filipinas are generally more mature for their age, it is not the case with April. She has returned to high school though so many of her friends are 13 to 16.

I’ve tried to make her a girlfriend, she is very pretty she acts with proper Filipina respect that most show. She didn’t seem to be lying toPretty Filipina me about anything and she’s really pretty haha! Sometimes, pretty just isn’t enough to keep a guy interested. The other day she showed back up, needed money to pay the taxi she took to get here. What? A Taxi? Do you think you are rich?  I didn’t know she was coming. Like I said, she acts more like 14.  However, I think she is another woman probably suffering from antisocial personality disorder as is so often the case when it comes to women interested in me. I am not sure why but I think it is because I’m too accepting of other people for my own good. Actually, I asked a doctor this question and he told me that he wouldn’t fault me for being very accepting of others. One common trait of people suffering with this disorder is that they fail to see the potential consequences of their actions. Now I’m not qualified to diagnose anyone but in my mind she fits the mold of the women I’m trying to stay away from.  Especially when it comes to failure to see the consequences of their actions.  The other big problem with these people is they really only love themselves and perhaps the attention that I am willing to give them.

About an hour after she got here, she suddenly decided she wanted to go see her abusive sister. I told her I did not think that was a very good idea but she was free to go and that she should probably stay there.

Before that though, she wanted to borrow my phone. I let her do so.  I have my phones set up to send a copy of all incoming text messages are sent to my PC.  I can even reply to those messages from my PC if it is all working properly. I didn’t log into my PC again until the next day. That is very unusual as I’m often on it 12 hours a day. When I did log into it, I saw a message from someone named Tony telling her that he could see her again this afternoon. Ha ha, she was busted. Now I understood, it wasn’t her sister she wanted to go see but this guy named Tony.

I sent her messages over the next couple of days letting her know I knew and to not come back here again. Her phone never rang though so I don’t think she got those text messages.  Then it happened, on Sunday night just after 3am someone was knocking on my door. She tried to open it a few times and I was trying to just ignore her.

In the past, if I cracked the door she was lodge herself into the crack so I couldn’t close it so this time I didn’t open it. I told her no, to go away. I also told her “I am not alone”.  So after an hour of her knocking on the door, I called the front desk and ask them to send hotel security up here to tell her to leave. I suspect that will be the end of April. She wore out her welcome a long time ago. With all the junk she has pulled I will not put up with lying as well. No telling how many other lies she has told me. Hopefully, she got the message this time.  Here phone was working on Monday and I didn’t hear from her so that is a good sign but I suspect she will still be back. If she gets desperate enough. I am not interested.

I couldn’t go back to sleep because I was worried about her. Yes, I know it is foolish but that is just the way I am built and you know what, I’m glad that I care about people. Even those that do not deserve it.

Beautiful Smiling FilipinaOnce again and many people will just choose to ignore me and go into attack mode on the social networks when I post a link to this article there. I think most Filipina are wonderful women. Most I meet online though are not most Filipina. Many of the bar girls, those that dance in bikinis and are available for bar fines, spend much their time when off work getting foreigners to send them money. They do this after telling them some sob story.

My favorite sob story was the girl that told me she needed to buy oxygen for her mother. Talking about pulling on my heart strings. It was before I actually moved to the Philippines but I had already learned a lot. It was only a month or two before I actually came and I had been planning on making the move for three years before that. That is why I wrote the Philippines Experience, The Basic Expat Training Manual as it contains the information that I wish I had had before I moved here. I even got a worthless visa that cost me $300 before coming here. It was worthless because I never needed it. It is also full of information about the culture of the Philippines and what to look for when trying to find a Filipina so that you can more easily recognize when you are being scammed. Click here to see just what The Manual conatians and decide for yourself.

I thought most Filipina were just a bunch of lying scammers due to poverty. Now I know that some of the more well-off women are looking for foreigners to send them money. Bar girls do very well especially if they can get a few guys sending them money from overseas. (The beautiful lady on the left was just passing by my camera one day and I captured her. It is highly likely she is one of the many Filipina angels that can be found in the Philippines.)

What happens is that most of the women you will meet online do not represent the population. Most of the women I met were friends of my girlfriend so I only knew them in passing but I learned through them and from people I met on the streets that Filipinos are very honest, trusting and trustworthy people. Now there are exceptions. Yes they will often charge white people or kano more for product and services but I just see that as business. I only get angry when they try to double the price on me. Some will do that. If they charge me 10 extra pesos, big deal. It takes 44 or more of them to make $1.00. I can afford it.

I know a wonderful woman that makes between P75 to P100 a day for babysitting two children. That’s for around eight hours of work. By far, most of the people are fantastic but what we meet online does not represent most of the people. The women that are out to “earn” money online are seeking us out so we are more likely to find them.  Online dating is filled with risk but it can be done. Many have done it but you will be lucky if you don’t have talk to many of them online before you meet anyone real. And the professionals are very good. Most will never ask you for a dime. Some will ask directly but most will get you to care about them and then start telling you their financial issues. That makes it very hard to say no. I will leave that up to you but you’ve been warned about sending money to someone that you have not confirmed the relationship is real.

I am still here because I know there are great women here. I will find her and maybe I already have. When I know, I will let you know. Sometimes the women are not scammers, they are just human and as fouled up as the rest of us. Sometimes fouled up in ways that does not make them a good companion. I really think that is the problem with April, that and extreme poverty. I still do not see her as a bad person just bad for a girlfriend.

Your Romantic Misadventures in the Philippines

Let me know about your misadventure and those that worked out as well. I don’t expect to write a lot more on this topic but sometimes it is just too good to pass up. Like what Letechia did above. That was priceless to me. Gives me a good laugh. Now, I hope she goes away for good.

If you think this article is a worthy read, please share it on your favorite social networks. This helps other that are interested to learn what they need to know. Someone told me a few days ago that one girl took him for $8000. That would really be hard to stomach. It does happen and it happens too often.

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