It has been a wild ride since my last posting of romantic misadventures in the Philippines. Crazy time but it is like the flood gates opened and I’m finding good women again. Way too pretty, way too young for me to deserve. Of course with youth bring troubles of another kind. Highly emotional, no experience and unable to know how they will feel 20 minutes from now. Yes, I know, it comes with the territory. Of course the last couple of weeks has also been full of scammer girls and some I’m still not sure. I hate getting scammed and they are so good, I’m not sure haha.

This installment on the series is worse than normal but also better. I’m not heartbroken over any ove it. Laughing at myself some. I thought this girl was going to be a girlfriend. That lasted about two days. I wrote about it on social media but never had the chance to write about it here.

I will call her April.  Some of the details have become fuzzy. Especially the timeline. I met her on Date in Asia. Every single woman I’ve talked with there and got their phone number has been blocked. Some offered their services for cash. Others just wanted money because they needed. I cannot wait to share one of their stories. I would post her picture but I don’t it is her and I don’t want to give the other girl a bad name.

Romantic Misadventures in the Philippines

I wrote the section about April over several days, most of it last week. The situation has changed several times in the last two days. Leaving me confused and dumbfounded and with no clear choices. She is being abused and is in need of help. So shoot me for caring. 🙂

April came to see me the first time around the 6th I think but I’m not sure of that. She looked really good. Short skirt, long silky hair. Since I had only known her for a few minutes, I was very suspicious of her. She tried to sell herself to me but there was no way she would have gone through with it. She was crying even before anything started. And I had NO INTENTION of going through with it. I nearly threw her out as soon as she made the request. That is EXACTLY what I should have done. She was so ashamed that she went to the restroom and sent me a text.

She’s no “working girl” she needed 2000 pesos to continue her schooling the next day. She is a high school student in her fourth year.Lying Filipina Yep, I had a high school student in my room. Of course, I didn’t know that. What I knew was her age because her school ID had it on it. I asked her if I could see it. Yes I sure did card her. She is 21. Warning though, IDs are easy to get fake here.

She came back that same night around midnight. I couldn’t believe my good luck. Then she proceeded to ask me for everything in my room that is decent. Especially my phones. She wouldn’t get anywhere near me. Finally at 4:30am I told her to leave. No way could I go to sleep with her in my room. But I wanted to sleep. She wanted money for a taxi. I refused at first but to get rid of her I finally gave her 50 pesos.

Since she was out until 4:30 in the morning her sister promptly threw her out of the house. She stayed on the street for a day and a night then showed up at my door. A couple of friends, one Filipina and one an expat told me I should give her another chance. She’s just scared. So I did.

Since she had no place to go, she was staying here for a couple of weeks. She sent me a text the night she got thrown out, asking if she could stay with me. I told her no and turned off my phone. The next night she showed up after midnight. I started to close the door in her face. But I could smell her. She really was living on the street for the last 36 hours or so. Nothing to eat. No one to help her. No one cared about her.

FaceBookTeaseSo I let her in, let her take a shower and let her spend the night. She’s a pretty little thing and I don’t know even now if she was playing me or not. Probably she was. I don’t know and I will probably never know.

She came home one day with a nasty cut on her hand. Something fell on it while at school. You could see the bone. What did she do to fix it up? She put a Band-Aid on it. I wanted to take her to the hospital but she wanted no part of that. So I got her some bandages and talked her into putting hydrogen peroxide on it and Neosporin which is a triple antibiotic cream that is common in the USA. Really good stuff. I told her the hydrogen peroxide as going to hurt and I was right. She took this selfie when I was out and posted it on  FaceBook.

I cared about her, I have no reason to deny it. Scammer or otherwise. The next day, I let her take my cheap tablet to school with her. I paid only P3000 for it, it immediately died and I just got back the same day she hurt her hand.

This girl had been with me for almost two weeks. She could have stolen from me and I think she did still some lighters I had lying around. I didn’t care. I don’t know but I had a lot and now I don’t. There was often money laying out that she could have taken and she didn’t. I had started trusting her.

She didn’t come home two nights later. No text, no nothing. I was worried that she might have passed out at school. Or the school doctor that she finally agreed to see might have put her in the hospital but I knew it was more likely she found someone else that actually had some money.

The next night though she shows up at midnight and I went ballistic. I asked her if she had my phone / tablet and she pointed at her bag. Once she got in the door, she didn’t have it. Oh boy was that a bad idea. I told her to get out and she just sat there, “Listen to me she said” while explain her sister was in the hospital. I told her I didn’t care, to get out. I grabbed her by the arm and started pulling her out but I guess I strained her hand. I don’t know. I ended up caving in and giving her P1500 for stitches on top of that. She was sick, she was really sick that night.

I don’t care if she was scamming me, I really don’t. I did the right thing and I’m glad I did it. I really would like to get the phone back and I really regret not stalling Google Device Manager on it so I could change the password and lock her out.

I got a message the next day, supposedly from her sister saying that April had been admitted to the hospital for her hand. I was done, I didn’t buy it for minute I asked which hospital and today I went by there to see if she was there.  No April but I’m not sure I went to the correct one and I don’t care. I wanted her to know that I cared. I’m so done with playing whatever game this 21 year old little is up too.  If she got me, then she got me. She’s really good. She probably never even got it stitched up. My guess is that was her sister’s scam.

I am still glad I didn’t send her back out on the street, though next time I just might. I mean if that happens again with someone else.

UPDATE: I have heard from April. I asked her to bring my phone back. She said, “I cannot, I pawned to my neighbor. I had no choice.” Talking about sending me ballistic. I told her she was a thief which angered her and caused her to tell me if I didn’t stop that she would just go to Leyte.  Oh my, she thinks I care?

She went on to ask me for more money to pay for her antibiotics. She explained that the infection was my fault. When she came here theRomance with Scamming Filipina last time, I asked her “Do you have my phone”? When she said she did, I let her in. When I asked her to give me the phone she then told me she didn’t have it. I told her to “Get out”. She refused three of my request so I grabbed by her hand, completely forgetting the injury. That did hurt her and caused me to let her go and not throw her out.

She had planned to go back to the hospital that night but she laid down to rest and that was the end of that. She was out like a light.  In the morning, I gave her P1500 to get stitches. I did this knowing I didn’t have enough money for myself. I don’t regret it. I’m glad I did it. I was expecting a direct deposit from AdSense and I was quite worried it wouldn’t come. It did come yesterday. I am glad because I was unable to eat more than once per day, (She didn’t really mean for this picture to be as seductive as it is. I tried to get her to move her hand but she was afraid it would show under her skirt. Not that it would matter. Filipina almost always wear shorts under their short skirts.)

I don’t usually talk about what I give but I did this time. I’m furious about that phone but I don’t regret anything else. I still don’t know if her intent was to scam me but all my future dealings with her, if any will be treating her that way. Yes, I know I shouldn’t even bother with her. Fact is, she’s very beautiful but I have other more promising prospects.  No, not hoard. I don’t play women. I do get played though.

Since I wrote the above, she has shown back up. I don’t think she’s scamming me. I think she’s a mess and has some very troubling issues. Over the last few days I’ve learned a lot about how many poor Filipina life. Not all but how many of them live. They live in fear and with much abuse. Some are abused by family or just by poverty or the combination. Some are abused at their work. I’ve learned that human trafficking here is far, far more prevalent that I realized and most of it is from Filipino on Filipino and usually has nothing to do with adult situations. I’m ninety-nine percent certain she is not a scammer but a very confused young woman that is not ready for an adult relationship. Doesn’t have to be a scammer to be a misadventure. Yes, I know it is probably her young age of 21.

Leticia A Real Piece of Work from Date in Asia


She hasn’t been banned from Date in Asia but it might not be much longer. You can check it here  if you like. She might be just what you’re looking for but for me, she is not. No if ands or butts about it. I wish she would delete my number. I keep being extremely rude to her. I am not going to post her picture from her profile because it almost certainly is not her. I’ll post pictures of other ladies I have encountered so far in October of 2014.

If you want easy girls that are looking to get paid for the time you spend with them, create a profile on Date in Asia and search for womenCute Filipina Woman under 25. You’ll find many of what you’re looking for. Every woman I contacted there was doing that. Now not ever woman on there is doing that but I contacted about 10 or so and that was enough for me. (The Filipina on the left is not Leticia).

Leticia or whatever her real name is is a professional. I suspect she isn’t even a woman. I see some guy running these ads and if he find a “John” then he sends out some girl. What amused me the most about her was when she contacted me under another number. She told me her number had changed and that her name was Karen. I knew a Karen so I just assumed it was that Karen. I haven’t heard from Karen in sometime.

I was able to determine it was not Karen but Leticia because she was sending the same begging messages. She has a distinct style. Almost bullet points in her messages that request money.

Look at these two screen shots of text messages I got on my phone.  It looks like they have standard messages they cut and paste into their text or it is just an automated bot. But they reply with personal messages, so I think they send them out to many people and then reply to the ones that send a message back that doesn’t tell them where to go. These two messages, one asking for money for her daughter and one for her mother. Some of the same wording.  “Just for my kid [mom]. Many of her other messages are even more cut and paste but these two will give you an idea. That’s how I figured out that “Karen” was really Leticia.

Scamming Filipina Ttext Scamming Filipina Text

I suspect that Leticia might be a guy but if he needs to, has women he can send out and gets a cut. Following is a graphic where I was fed up with her. It does no good though, better just to ignore her:

Filipina text messaging

As you can see below, I’ve really had quite enough of her. It won’t do any good but I can try. Feel free to text her and to text her often. Well, then she will have your number and no telling how long she will keep this up under different names. 🙂  So probably not a good idea to get involved. 🙂

Two Lovely Filipina in the Lobby

I met these two in the lobby of the hotel. One I spotted as a con artist right away. The other seems so shy, sweet and honest. I will call them Jessa and Ruthcell.   I got their numbers. Texted them later that night. Ruthcell told me that Jessa had no load or credits on her phone. I was already in bed so I didn’t go out to get her any. I really had no desire to spend 20 pesos on her yet. Then the next day, I got aRuthchel message from Jessa saying that Ruthcell needed P500 for her rent. I was like, okay. So one ask for money for the other one. I told her plain and simple, I don’t give money to Filipina that I’m not in a relationship with. At the point, Jessa said Ruthcell was on her way to my room and I told her no. tell her not to  come.

They did manage to get close to another guy that was staying here. Jessa got especially close. She disappeared with P1000 once, claimed it was some kind of family emergency but she managed to get back in the good graces of the guy. They had more issues but I see no point in going into that. She claimed she loved him. Who am I to say. Jessa seemed  like a good sweet woman but after she asked for the P500, I blocked her in my phone.

Promising Prospects

It isn’t all bad. I have a fantastic prospect on the horizon. I really can’t say anything about that right now. I didn’t think I wanted another relationship but with all the girls that have tried to scam me, if I can find a good one, I probably will never let go.

Tell me about your experiences with Filipina both good and bad. I know there are good ones here but I sure have had trouble finding them. Now I try to stay above 25 years old. While a 22 year old Filipina is light years ahead in maturity over a 22 year old American woman they are still immature in many ways. I’m not stupid. I know the risk but if I don’t take them I will be alone.

Feels Sweet Romancing FilipinaI came to the conclusion at the end of last month that I was sick all the time because I was lonely. With lupus, my immune system is weak and stress causes lupus to flair. And I guess while it is busy attacking my own body it does have enough left to fight the real infections. If you’ve followed closely, when I left Jessie I was sick within a week and stayed that way until she came to take care of me. That didn’t go all that well at the end and within a few day of her leaving, I was sick again.

Think that looks ridiculous, such an old man with a 18 year old hottie? Me too but it sure did feel good. While you’re judging, I’ll keep right on smiling. I do think it is time to get rid of the beard but I dread shaving everyday. I’m keeping it really short now.

I’m ready to throw in the towel, quit looking for a good woman and just out scam the scammers. I sure hope it doesn’t come to that. I’d really love to find myself my own loving Filipina that treats me the way Jessie once did. I’m survivor and I will find a way to be reasonably satisfied with life. I hope I can get back to making enough money to travel but my medication bills are eating me alive. Nearly 17,000 pesos last month. I will do the best I can and try to stay positive. I have had a lot of fun over the last couple of weeks along with some frustration and shaking my head too. The reason I post these is so that those new to finding love in the Philippines are not mislead by those that will tell them how easy it is to find it here. You can find it but you can expect this kind of junk to be laying in your path along the way. If you start passing out cash, left and right you’re going to go broke and end up alone.

By Rusty Ferguson

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