I met a pretty Filipina on Google Plus not long ago. We’ve become friends and tonight I learned she’s a scamming Filipina. She’s not very good at it and she doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong. She’s the kind of girl that would rarely do anything she thought was wrong. That is kind of the scary part though. I attract narcissistic people like flies on, well you know. I notice it faster in men but it is harder with women.

This article will also reveal some of the difficulties in getting a Filipina out of the country. Due to the large number of Filipinas that fall victim to human trafficking the Philippines is denying departure to many.

My new scamming Filipina friend has a boyfriend in the USA that I spotted as a narcissist right away. I’ve never had a conversation with him. I just watched his nonsense when someone else on Google plus told her that he loved her. I was amused but she was not in the least amused. It is odd to me and something I need to explore but I get along with narcissistic women for a while. I need to learn to spot them sooner. Could be I don’t want to see it.  But lets get on to tonight’s conversation with her.

Cold Hearted Scamming Filipina

Filipina at Odlot Hideaway

Beautiful Filipina arrives at the beach in Odlot Cebu. Not the girl in my story.

She shared with me her plans to go to the USA.  She plans to use a tourist visa or some kind of working visa. There is no chance of her getting into the USA with the method she intends to use. I’ll discuss that later. During this time, she also told me she plans to grow old with her sibling. She has a child and said she would never leave her baby. That she plans to go to the USA for only two years and that her boyfriend already paid for her passport.  Now she’s waiting on him to send her a plane ticket or the cash to buy the ticket.

I asked her if her boyfriend knew she would only stay for two years. She revealed that he doesn’t know that he wants her to stay “forever”. I filed that into note to self, this girl is a user.

She talks on and on how much she loves him.  She believes she loves him when it is obvious to anyone that she loves the idea of going to the USA for two years. Her plans are to earn and save enough money during those two years to last her a lifetime.  She is twenty-six years old and lives in Manila.

She even told me that she warned him about other girls here. How that most will use men to get to the USA or for their money. She is completely unaware that she is doing the same thing!

Oddly, while there is a lot of women that do what she warned him about, most don’t do that at all. Most of the women are very sincere and loyal but you probably have to come here to meet them. Most of them are not online very often. It is odd because she is doing it and seems to be oblivious to what she is doing.

This is just another heads up that you must be very careful, especially with your money. This girl is probably good at lying because she believes it herself. What she’s not good at is the guy she’s picked has no money and her chance of getting a tourist visa to go the USA is zero.

Difficult For Most Filipina to Leave the Philippines on a Tourist Visa

For a Filipina to get a tourist visa to the USA, they have to go for an interview at the American Embassy. They will ask her about property and business interest here as well as cash in the bank. They are looking for assurances that the Filipino will not stay in the USA once they get in. She cannot give those assurances.

Scamming Filipina?Further, the Philippines is not likely to allow her to leave. They too will look at the same kinds of things. They will block a Filipino, especially a young woman from leaving the country to protect her from human trafficking. Filipino men are also victims of trafficking but usually for different purposes than women are.  The Philippines doesn’t come right out and say it but they are looking at a person’s wealth before allowing them to leave. From what I’ve read, this is might be unconstitutional but more than 100,000 Filipinos have been denied departure from the Philippines.

If you want to take your girlfriend on a trip out of the country, you should keep this in mind. She might be able to go but more than likely she will be prevented from leaving. A Filipina in her twenties that is traveling with a man she is not married to is going to have a harder time leaving as well. One immigration officer was quoted in the press as saying something like “He should marry her if he wants to leave with her.” My friend also told me that a friend of hers has been denied departure six times.

If you’re trying to get a Filipina to the USA about the only way to do it in most cases is by a resident visa. That is either a Fiancée Visa or a resident visa by way of marriage. I believe the Fiancée Visa is a little faster but that is debatable and probably varies on a case by case basis. I read a post on a forum once where an expat living in the Philippines described the process. His wife was allowed to leave but the other six wives attempting to go to the USA on a tourist visa were denied that day.

I don’t plan to have any further contact with my Filipina friend. She ended up mad at me tonight as I tend to be a bit flirty Sexy Filipinaand she found it offensive. So she may not talk to me again anyway. Just my nature, I can’t seem to help myself. I don’t usually anger the women any more. She may get over it but I’m not going to get over what she is trying to do to this man. I don’t think he’s got a heart to break but if he did, that’s what she’s doing. Well, trying to do. To me, it is just another scamming Filipina.

While I continue to say that most Filipina are good women, most do care about a better life. A rare few don’t care about that at all. I’ve known some Filipina that are kidding themselves about their ability to actually meet a foreigner. This is the first situation that I know of where the scamming Filipina is fooling herself about being in love.

I should also say that many men are kidding themselves about coming to the Philippines. I know a lot that have come but there are many more that plan and never are able to actually do. They too believe they are really coming but we humans are great at deceiving ourselves. I too am quite capable of doing that.

My advice is to meet some girls online but to keep it very light. Do not commit to anything. Get contact information, develop friendships but do not tell her you are going to be with her forever. This way, you will have a backup plan if it goes badly once you are actually here.

I think Tagged.com and Filipina Cupid are two of the best places to meet potential women with a romantic interest. Both are full of honest and real women but both are full of women that want nothing of you but your money. Problem is some of them are so good it makes telling the difference difficult. A lonely man and a beautiful woman is a dangerous combination.

I’d love to hear your stories about successful romance and then those that didn’t go so well. I had a few that didn’t go so well before I met Jessie. Perhaps I will share some of those one of these days. One usually feels like a fool after this happens to them. At least none of them ever got any money from me. Also, please share your experiences with taking a Filipina out of the country. How long did it take and which kind of Visa did you use? Was it difficult or no problems. When you did this is also important.  Leave a comment and tell us about your experience and don’t forget to hit those share and like buttons please!

By Rusty Ferguson

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