Long ago, in a land far far away, Jessie use to tell me that she was allergic to chicken but only if she ate it too much. That was before I arrived in the Philippines. I’d see her on skype scratching all over and asked her what was going on. When she told me she was allergic to chicken, I laughed and said something like “Huh, nobody is allergic to chicken.” I had never heard of that one before. Now, I am allergic to the chicken in the Philippines but only if I eat too much of it. It started on my hands, I’d get little itchy bumps on my hands after eating chicken. It took a while before I was certain that it was the chicken causing it. It became obvious in recent weeks.

I don’t think it is the chicken, I think they put some kind of preservative in most

of the chicken here. I’ve had to eat more of it lately because that’s what I can get to eat. There is an Angel’s Burger joint next door, it is supposed to be open 24/7 but it is closed far more than it is open. When it is open they tend to not have what I want to eat. Their hamburgers have too much spice in them, mostly onions which I don’t like anyway but if I eat too much of them, they make my mouth raw haha. They also upset my stomach. I use to get Hungarian Cheese Sausage from Angel’s but they often they don’t cook it enough and that makes me sick in ways that I can’t fully discuss. A clear signal that it might be best if I don’t eat that!

So, I often get fries and chicken from McDonalds. The fries, I sometimes refer toA KFC sign in downtown Cebu. as salt sticks because they are so salty I can barely eat them. Not all of the McDonald’s are always that bad about the salt. But the one near us that is open 24 hours a day usually have salt sticks that resembles French Fries. I never add salt to anything so I guess I am not use to a lot of salt to start with. These things make my lips feel as if they will turn inside out. Ketchup helps a little but often the ketchup is a bit sour so I skip it. I suspect the USA franchise would have a fit if they knew it was like this. Though it is usually open, it too closes a lot considering it’s a 24/7 business too. It is almost always open but seems they have to renovate something a lot more than most places and it is closed then. The chicken is okay. Often too small but that’s normal for the Philippines. Small people, small chicken. I’ve often wondered about that. Does a hotter climate cause mammals to tend to the small size? I don’t know but I wonder about just about everything.

The Chicken is making me Dizzy?

Jessie found some cheap chicken nuggets at KFC.  They are not good, I think they may boil them. I use to tell her to get me some rubber chicken when I wanted those. They don’t taste bad but the texture is like rubber!

The first few times I had them, I noticed it made me feel very warm or perhaps flushed. Many foods do that to me.

A sign spotted on the way to KFCOne night, I got extremely dizzy after I had eaten them. I didn’t link the two together. Jessie took my blood sugar and it was a bit low even though I had just eaten. So it must have been quite low before I ate. I had never become dizzy from low blood sugar before. I usually sweat, get weak and some trouble thinking. I didn’t think they were the cause of the dizzy spell. I got very dizzy. I was sitting on the bed and playing a game on my phone. I had to put the phone down and it was a critical point during a team battle. It scared me as I was very dizzy. Then a few weeks later, it happened again. Again I had been eating the chicken nuggets. I’ve not had any since then though I’ve been thinking of trying them again. Maybe that would be nuts. Just not eat them as often as I had been during that time.

In fact, it has been a while since I started writing this and I did get some. They are not making me dizzy now but I don’t get them often. The other night, Jessie went to get some and it took her a long time. They were busy. They were awful.  I suppose they rushed them because they were behind. They are never good but undercooked and mushy they were horrible.

The french-fries from McDonald’s are often the same way. Either not cooked long enough of sitting out for too long as they are soggy. I don’t like soggy food. But they will do. They are not a bad choice for me because my blood sugar has not been good. They are not great but better than most of my options. I do get itchy about an hour or two after I eat chicken here.

Eating as a Diabetic in the Philippines

For the last couple of weeks my blood sugar has been very high. I have chronic bronchitisPretty girl waiting for a ride in downtown Cebu. and it has been flaring up. An infection will aggravate diabetes or so my doctor has told me. I think diabetes helps an infection to thrive too. So they make each other worse.

I got sick just before Christmas and Jessie went to her home town for a couple of weeks during that time. So I ate too much pizza as I’m lazy and can just call to get it delivered. 🙂 That certainly did not help my blood sugar even though I switched to all cheese pizza. I had too, my stomach revolts if I eat the meaty pizzas now. I stayed sick for two months but finally feel better.

It is not easy for a diabetic to eat properly in the Philippines. There are diabetic stores but the one I went too was not impressive and it has been many years since I went to it. I don’t even remember where it is and don’t know if it is still open. Since I live in a hotel, it is harder for me.

I also think the MSG in the food here is causing me issues. I’ve always been sensitive to it, at least so thought one dietician. After I would eat just about anything I felt flushed and she thought it might be that. I don’t really know. Others have said the food is high in MSG but I can’t say I know that for certain.

About Me

My articles almost always feature my life in the Philippines but they are rarely about me. At least two people have emailed me asking how I’m doing. Well one used the contact form on the website but gave a bad email address so I couldn’t reply.  I tried but it came back as not valid.

Today is a good day but things over all have been better. I will try to write more on that very soon. I really MUST do better with writing here. At least once a week but to be honest, my mood is not great. I am happy to be here but I could just be happier with life. I wrote more here but it depressed me when I did and slowed down my getting this online. More soon, I hope.

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