Place to Go in the Philippines – Bohol

Watch Tower in Bohol

There are many places I’d like to go in the Philippines that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see but I can tell you about them. If you are not here, you may not know about these places at all and you can add them to your list and perhaps to tell me what you saw. I’ll start with places to see in Bohol.

In Bohol, you will find caves, diving, floating restaurants, waterfalls, bicycle riding in the sky, bee farms, old churches, and Spanish built structures from the occupation.

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Palawan Water Monitor

Lizards, snakes, water falls, island hoping, crocodiles, eagles and the Underground River for adventure travel in Palawan Philippines. I had one of the best times of my life while visiting Palawan.

I managed to get very close to these very large lizards. They would tense up their tails when I got that close so I didn’t linger. I got my pictures and made my retreat. There is a picture of Jessie near the lizard

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