Getting Your Face Smashed in and Visa Extension in Cebu

BI Office In Mandaue Cebu

Getting an extension has become a pain. I don’t know if the death of the express fee did it or if just more people. It might be the time of day I get there too.  Close to noon, lots of people and some workers might be at lunch too. I was happy when the express…

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Fugitives Hiding in the Philippines

People in Jail

Are there a lot of fugitives hiding in the Philippines? I ask the question because it is a common perception that there are many hiding here. Are there any fugitives hiding in the Philippines, of course there are. I think this perception is more common with Filipinos than with the foreigners that live in the Philippines. I often hear foreigners make comments saying someone is or probably is “Running from the law”. Most of the time, these foreigners are just doing what is so common, putting others down and complaining. With Filipinos, usually a Filipina in my case ask “What are you doing in the Philippines?” Now that question might be totally innocent but sometimes I wonder if they think I am running from the law.

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