Fear Martial Law is Coming to the Philippines

Rodrigo Duterte

I don’t know if martial law is coming to the Philippines but I think it is more likely than not. It all stems from the new President, Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs. He is not a “do nothing” president that is for certain. He is bringing changes within the Philippines and doing it in a very short time.

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Human Trafficking of Filipinos by Filipinos

Beautiful Filipina Visiting Cebu City

I am becoming increasingly aware of a different type of human trafficking in the Philippines. Perhaps what I’m going to discuss doesn’t fall under human trafficking but maybe it should.  I’m doubt it is exclusive to the Philippines but this is where I’m at so this is where I see it. I feel like the term human trafficking is being overused. Any time money changes hand in adult related activities it seems like someone wants to sensationalize that and call it human trafficking. Human trafficking has nothing to do with transporting humans in most cases. It is our modern word for slavery. Slavery is where one person has no choice, they are owned. Recently I have noted several times with poorer but working Filipinas are being treated like slaves. Well, at least in my mind. It appears to be human trafficking of Filipinos by Filipino’s.  My guess is that Filipinos know more about this than I do, I hope you’ll speak up about it in the comments.

I have heard horror stories where Filipinas worked as domestic servants in the homes of other Filipinos. They are often locked in, subject to beatings, very low and sometimes no pay as the employer falls behind in their wages. Now I have met people that this is happening too. This may not run afoul of the human tracking laws. The reason is that they were written for sexual situations. Sometimes men that hire maids try to get more than their houses cleaned and that would be different. Maybe the laws should be changed to specifically include these kind of abuses.  In my mind, it is just as morally wrong as human trafficking that involve adult activities.

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7-Eleven Downtown Cebu City

In the Philippines, 7-Eleven’s are a bit of a social gathering place.  There are a good number of tables and chairs where you can sit and be seen.  The college kids seem to love them, especially the one in Downtown Cebu City as there are several colleges in the area.

The 7-Eleven is located at the corner of Osmena and Colon Streets. It’s a busy intersection with lots of foot traffic in the area.  It’s surrounded by a little bit of everything, drug stores, street vendors, banks, Internet cafes and clothing stores.

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How Safe is Cebu Philippines for a Foreigner?

Security in Cebu Philippines

Cebu is one of the safest places in the Philippines. People often what ask “How safe is Cebu?” I can’t promise you that you will be safe in Cebu or any other place in the world. I feel safer in Cebu than I did in Memphis. Sure there are some scary places and scary people in Cebu, especially in Cebu City. The further I get away from Cebu City, the safer I think I am.

Yet, I don’t find Cebu City to be unsafe.  How safe is Cebu depends partly on you. Perhaps mostly on you. If you’re going to the mall, you are not very likely to run into trouble. If you go to a nightclub, well the risk of trouble always goes up when there are pretty Filipina and people with alcohol on board. Go to a bikini bar and your risk factor goes up.

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