Expat in the Philippines Journal Last Quarter of 2015

Trouble Every Where

This was an anxious period for me. It all started when I went to the ATM to withdraw money to pay my bills and to live on. When I tried, it showed my balance was zero but I had just sent a sizeable amount of money to my Philippines BDO bank account.

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Rusty Ferguson Expat Life with Santa

The second half of 2014 was not a pleasant time for me. Financial distress each and every month, my pension just is not enough for me. And it was a mostly lonely time. Not completely lonely but mostly lonely. I met two good woman during this time and some real users too. For two months there was nobody at all. I was striking out at every turn. This period of time was not a positive period and I do not like to write articles where I feel mostly negative. I suppose however that is part of life and it can be part of your life even in what many consider to be paradise.  Even as I publish this, things are much improved and looking up for me but that does not change that the prior six months were not my happiest months on earth.

Oh I might have met some women that I have forgot. Might have had some prospects that I forgot. Some women I never forget, even after they are long gone. Some I wish I could forget but I cannot. In a few cases that now old Eric Clapton song “Old Love” sometimes reminds me of them. Some I do not really wish to forget even if it did not turn out well.

July, August and September were lonely months. No women really in my life. Didn’t see a woman for a couple of months. I was just strike out city. Then in October, there were three women in my life. Didn’t plan it that way and one of those I didn’t meet until November, I think. Beautiful girl but not a match.

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Living in the Philippines June and July 2014

Filipino Child in Cebu

What a month June was. My second month to be single in the Philippines. Things were looking pretty good for the first two weeks. I was still missing Jessie but she remained steadfast on her positions that had caused me to leave in the first place. Finally, I told her to let me know if anything changed and I began to move on in earnest. This is my Philippines expat journal for June and July 2014. I think it is one of the best ways to tell you what living in the Philippines is really like. It isn’t always fun.

I had a three promising Filipina that I had spent some quality time with, I was having trouble managing everyone in my little black book otherwise known as my phone. Of course, not everything in my black book worked out. Lots of the prospects were playing games with me. That’s only to be expected. Even one of the girls I met managed to use me. She was just trying to get home. She did, oh well. That’s the way it works sometimes. She said to me in her sweet little voice on the way out the door “Please don’t be mad” to which I said “Of course I’m mad, you just using me to get home”. At that point her hardened look was all over her face and I never heard another word from her.

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Living in the Philippines 2014 Expat Journal

Rusty and Jermain in the Philippines

Living in the Philippines in 2014 with five years behind me now I’m still happy to be here. But the last few months have been difficult. May finally brought the unwelcomed changes I have been dreading for the last couple of years.

A lot has happened in the last few months, some good and some pretty bad. That bad has taken the wind out of me a bit and I didn’t feel like blogging. Another problem is I need to upgrade the server. Each time I post an article the site goes down because it can’t handle the increase in traffic. I have deleted some sites so that will help and I am trying to work with HostGator to get the hosting upgraded

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Rusty Ferguson Expat Life with Santa

Well, my monthly expat living in the Philippines journals haven’t had much in them lately because nothing is going on. Then came November of 2013 and the month of change and trauma. There has been a lot of change. Most of it brought about Typhoon Haiyan. There was also a lot of nice things that happened for me in November. In fact, this article just might surprise you. As I recall the month of November 2013, I see it as mostly happy time for me. Though difficult, it was still a good month for me to live in the Philippines. So this month, I have to something to say for my living in the Philippines expat journal.

I’m not going to rehash everything I’ve written about Haiyan but there were some good things that happened. Though Haiyan was traumatic, stressful, caused loss of life in Jessie’s family, caused extreme financial hardship and totally disrupted my life. All of this tired me, grew on my last nerve and I’m still a bit worn from all of it.

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Philippines Expat Journal — September 2013

Expat with Filipina

I think I can barely remember September of 2013. Yet I don’t wish to miss a single month of my Philippines Expat Journal. I’m not good at keeping notes of what has been happening.  September is almost like the month that never happened.

Its just life, one of those more difficult periods. I think all of us go through them. I know this is really not a period to complain about either and I’m not because I have seen so much worse. This is a breeze compared to those times

Living in the Philippines will help to restore some fun in my life. I need less money to have fun here. Maybe I can take a trip to Malapascua or Bohol before too much longer. I’ve not been to Bantayan in two years and that isn’t very expensive. Maybe soon.

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Philippines Expat Journal for August 2013

Young Filipino boy

I wish I had exciting news of my expat adventures in the Philippines during July but the truth is, I just didn’t have any exciting adventures during August of 2013. I have been wondering what I would even write about in my Philippines expat journal for 2013.

I suppose it is what it is though. Oh, I had some interesting things going on but I can’t talk about those. I could but it would be best if I don’t.

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Expat Journal Living in the Philippines July 2013

Sexy Filipina

I have a lot going on and I’m feeling kind of rotten but that will be more for next months entry. It has to do with those shortages I keep talking about. Medication I ordered a month ago from Canada has not yet arrived and it is causing me some hardship at the moment.

Still, I don’t want to miss a month of my expat journal so I will do the best I can.

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Philippines Expat Journal June 2013

Rusty and Jessie

I will think of June 2013 as the month from Hades. I’ll tell you about it in my Philippines expat journal. This month even includes murder!  It was a difficult month for me. Awwww, it really wasn’t that bad but it was a struggle. It is my goal to summarize my live in the Philippines in a Philippines expat journal each month.  In this series of articles, I reveal more of my personal life as I write about my day to day life in the Philippines. Its not all pretty girls and island hopping. Sometimes, it grilled cheese, a doctor visit and just dull.

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American Expat at Sinulog

I thought I would start a new series, an Expat Journal about living in the Philippines. This is my expat journal for May 2013. Living in the Philippines is not always exciting.  When I first arrived five years ago, nearly everything was exciting . New things are exciting to me. Having funds to travel also helps to make things exciting. This month was mostly a stay at home month again. It did have some drama in it. Some I can write about publicly, some I wish I could. After living in the Philippines for more than five years, things are not as new as they use to be. Still, I have a much better life because I moved to the Philippines.

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