Say Something Nice or Remain Silent

I hear so many foreigners come to the Philippines and complain and then complain some more. They complain about the Philippines and they complain about other foreigners. This is a human trait and it is a hard thing to fight. I find myself doing it, rarely but I do fall into the trap just like everyone else I know. I know one person that I’ve never heard do that and he’s a Methodist minister that seems to have mastered Christianity better than anyone else I know. He would be the first to tell you he’s far from perfect. That old trite saying is true, “If you don’t have anything to say, say nothing at all.” At least it’s something to strive for. Being positive is contagious and will improve how others see you.

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Men That Hit Women In the Philippines Disgust Me

Pretty Filipina

Men beating women really disgust me and I just saw it happen. Nothing I can do, I can barely breathe and taking a shower causes me extreme pain in my back. I do not talk about how bad my health is in detail but this time it is called for. Someone will stay say I should have jumped in. You are free to think so, free to be critical and I will consider you to be an insensitive moron. It also just would not be smart. Chances are high, I would be the one to end up in jail until I paid they guy off. The girl might lie for him as she is under his control. One of the reasons I got a gun permit when I lived in the USA was for that very reason. I would not last ten seconds in a fight. My heart is enlarged and my lungs are scared from Mixed Connective Tissue disease. I am not what this article is about.

This time it was a couple of Filipino wimps that think they are men. If the only way for you get what you want out of life is with using your fist on a woman, you are no man. I am not sure if you are fully human. I know that you are a weak coward that does not know how to deal with the stress of life and especially the free will of someone physically weaker than you.

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Dating in the Philippines: Romantic Misadventures #1

Scamming Filipina?

I think it would be interesting for me to publish a series of articles about my adventures toward dating in the Philippines.  I don’t know how often I will do it and I think it will mostly be a scam report. Those that tried to rip me off. I won’t mention names nor will I post any pictures of the actual women. The one exception to that no pictures is where I took the picture.  I’ll just post pictures of women in the Philippines or other scenes in the Philippines.

Why am I calling it a scam report? Because most of the ladies are soon blocked for asking me for money. If I have any successes, I will write about those too.  Last week, I wrote a story about one girl that appeared to be up to no good. I don’t know that but it seemed like it.  That left me ready to quit. I did quit but several women approached me.  Most of them scamming me. Though there is a possibility for one of them. She is one of the most beautiful women I’ve met but I’ve only met her online so far. There was another, she didn’t try to scam me but it didn’t work out.

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Ice Cream Vendor in Cebu

There are some things I don’t like about living in the Philippines. I will talk about those things in this article but first I wish to point out that I love living in the Philippines. I recently wrote an article about some of those things which you can read here.

There isn’t that much I don’t like and some of those things are only negative to me. They are not negative to most Filipinos. I do not see it as my place to try to change the culture of the Philippines. Frankly, I think that is absurd.

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19 Things I love about Living in the Philippines

Pretty Filipina

Even when life gets a little bit hard, I love living in the Philippines. Really, it’s been a little difficult lately but when people say I should go home, my answer is always the same, “I am home”. No matter how hard things get, they are better for me here. I could likely get better medical care in the USA but other than that, pretty much everything seems better to me here.

A huge part of that is the women that are attracted to me here, whatever the reason. The other major part is that I can live here cheaply. I’ve run into a rough patch financially. A month or two in a boarding house with air con for $50 could turn that all around for me.  That won’t happen in the USA.

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Monsters in the Philippines Fact or Fiction?

Homeless In Cebu

There are a lot of stories about monsters in the Philippines. There is debate on whether they are true or fiction even in among Filipinos. I have my opinions on the ghost stories and they may not be what you think.  I will say that there are monster sized bats in the Philippines.

The Philippines is home to the largest bat in the world and the smallest if what I watched on Discovery or Nat Geo was correct. I don’t remember which network I saw it on.  However there recently a giant Flying Fox was captured in the southern part of the Philippines on an island known as Mindanao.

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Filipinos Dealing with the Aftermath of Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan Damage in Bogo City Cebu

I have seen some rare displays of grief by Filipinos on CNN over the last couple of weeks. A son telling his mother that his family is gone has stuck with me the most. However, if you know anything about Filipinos you know they will look for a way to be happy. Its really a smart way to live one’s life. Its not an effort for Filipinos its just built into Filipino culture for most. I’ve also seen CNN commenters note that a group of homeless Filipinos were sitting under a tarpoleon and laughing. Jessie showed a little grief too. She lost four family members, some of whom she use to live with. Filipinos are amazingly strong but there is a lot of hardship here and more that you may know.

Distribution of aid to those that need it remains the big story as far as those that survived Typhoon Haiyan. Sometimes political infighting seems to play a role in this. In the Bogo City area this seems to be going on.

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I have been living in the Philippines since February 6th of 2008. I have greatly increased the opportunities in my life by moving to the Philippines. The two primary reasons for this are the lower cost of living and my options with women are greatly increased. However, it isn’t paradise; living in the Philippines is…

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Expat Journal Living in the Philippines July 2013

Sexy Filipina

I have a lot going on and I’m feeling kind of rotten but that will be more for next months entry. It has to do with those shortages I keep talking about. Medication I ordered a month ago from Canada has not yet arrived and it is causing me some hardship at the moment.

Still, I don’t want to miss a month of my expat journal so I will do the best I can.

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Cheap Roadside Eatery in the Philippines

I’ve seen some pretty disgusting things at eateries in the Philippines. However, I do it and enjoy it. The worst was watching rats drinking from a large bowl at a BBQ. A few minutes later, I watched the staff clean the eating utensils in that same bowl.

These disturbing things might scare you to death. I look at it this way. There are 90 million people living in the Philippines. They are all eating and they are doing just fine.

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