Wireless Internet Connection Philippines

After struggling with my Internet connection for a week, I finally learn why it is so slow. It is intentionally slow. Globe’s fair use policy is too restrictive to make if of significant value to me and I think most other users will find the same to be true. Unless you’re willing to pay P1200 or over $20 a day for your Internet connection you will find that your Internet speed via Globe broadband on a mobile device is of little value for my normal Internet usage. I won’t say that it is without value, it does have some value. It especially good to have when I am away from home and in an area with Internet connectivity. Simple task like updating your MS operating system can cause Globe to bring your connection speed to a crawl.

I live in a Typhoon Haiyan affected area. Every phone line in the city was laying in the street after the storm struck. Two months later, some of the businesses do have an Internet connection but I don’t think any homes do and mine certainly does not. Thus, wireless is the only option I have. This is better than no Internet connection at all. On a side note, the Bogo City Cable company will not reopen. They site theft of services has made it unprofitable to rebuild.

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Rusty Ferguson Expat Life with Santa

Well, my monthly expat living in the Philippines journals haven’t had much in them lately because nothing is going on. Then came November of 2013 and the month of change and trauma. There has been a lot of change. Most of it brought about Typhoon Haiyan. There was also a lot of nice things that happened for me in November. In fact, this article just might surprise you. As I recall the month of November 2013, I see it as mostly happy time for me. Though difficult, it was still a good month for me to live in the Philippines. So this month, I have to something to say for my living in the Philippines expat journal.

I’m not going to rehash everything I’ve written about Haiyan but there were some good things that happened. Though Haiyan was traumatic, stressful, caused loss of life in Jessie’s family, caused extreme financial hardship and totally disrupted my life. All of this tired me, grew on my last nerve and I’m still a bit worn from all of it.

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Return to Bogo City after Exile by Typhoon Haiyan

Santa in the Philippines

On my return to Bogo City things are about what I expected them to be. Except the air conditioner is broke, it is in the shop right now costing close to $100 to get repaired. The anticipated problems with my Internet connection are one minor irritation that get larger because being alone, I have nothing to do when there is no Internet. I had hopped to see more of Jessie than I use to at home but she’d rather spend her time with her friend. Her friend that hates me and the P1900 I spent on the Globe Tattoo 7.2 router is all but a complete waste of money. Money I don’t have. I took it outside in hopes that it might work better out there but I could connect to nothing out there as well.

In case you are a new reader, I’ve spent the last five weeks in Cebu City. I went there and lived out of a hotel since a couple of days after Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in Bogo City. It was an unbelievable storm and caused major damage in Bogo City and the surrounding areas. I should mention that the damage here was much less than that in Tacloban but still significant damage in this part of the Philippines as well.

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Filipina with Santa in Cebu Philippines

Santa Claus is real and I’ve met him and even severed as one of his elves this year while in Cebu City. For a the first few days that I was in Cebu City, I often saw this eccentric looking guy walking around in the Colon and Palez Streets area. I thought to myself, great! He looks more like Santa than I do. Maybe people will stop calling me Santa Claus. They have in fact stopped calling me Santa Claus because now they’ve seen the real one. I got to know him and he’s just an awesome guy. His alias is Roy Shackelford but he rarely uses this. It is fun to hear him use the hotel lobby phone and say “Hello, this is Santa calling.”  Santa Clause is in the Philippines spreading love and good cheer to those in need. Let me tell you what I know about Santa.

Santa has been distributing joy and gifts in the Philippines for the last six years. He visits pockets of poverty in the Cebu and other areas of the Philippines. Early this week he also went to Negros Occidental to visit with people in need on that island. I’ve had the joy of going with him on two of his outings. One of the places I joined Santa was a squatters area in Mandaue City, a suburb of Cebu City. You can’t really determine where Cebu City starts and Mandaue City starts. In Mandaue we went to Sitio Aroma which is found in Barangay Subangdako.

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Cebu City Streets are full of People with Character

Working Girl on Streets of Cebu City

Character comes in all kinds and its not always good. The streets of Cebu City provide an intriguing mix of the upper class, middle class and some with no class at all. I have been living in Bogo City in northern Cebu Province since May of 2008. I don’t come to the city all that often as it greatly increases my cost of living. When I do come, I enjoy most of the people on the streets. Cebu City streets are filled with people of all kinds of character and some of the most interesting is where you least expect it.

The only groups I don’t enjoy are the professional beggars. Now I know some are in bad need of help and I’d love to be able to help them. I usually don’t help the professionals. They tend to be a bit demanding and sometimes downright rude. I think part of their strategy is to irritate a person into giving. That’s a bad strategy to use on me.

The first time I was approached by one it was in Talisay, a suburb of Metro Cebu City. I had only been here a few days. It was a boy approaching his teenage years. I had no idea what I was giving him when I reached into my pocket to give him a coin. I picked the big one, thought it would be worth more. I later learned that I had given him one centavo which is rarely even used now. I had no idea how small of an amount it was.

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Filipinos Dealing with the Aftermath of Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan Damage in Bogo City Cebu

I have seen some rare displays of grief by Filipinos on CNN over the last couple of weeks. A son telling his mother that his family is gone has stuck with me the most. However, if you know anything about Filipinos you know they will look for a way to be happy. Its really a smart way to live one’s life. Its not an effort for Filipinos its just built into Filipino culture for most. I’ve also seen CNN commenters note that a group of homeless Filipinos were sitting under a tarpoleon and laughing. Jessie showed a little grief too. She lost four family members, some of whom she use to live with. Filipinos are amazingly strong but there is a lot of hardship here and more that you may know.

Distribution of aid to those that need it remains the big story as far as those that survived Typhoon Haiyan. Sometimes political infighting seems to play a role in this. In the Bogo City area this seems to be going on.

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Philippines Expat Journal — September 2013

Expat with Filipina

I think I can barely remember September of 2013. Yet I don’t wish to miss a single month of my Philippines Expat Journal. I’m not good at keeping notes of what has been happening.  September is almost like the month that never happened.

Its just life, one of those more difficult periods. I think all of us go through them. I know this is really not a period to complain about either and I’m not because I have seen so much worse. This is a breeze compared to those times

Living in the Philippines will help to restore some fun in my life. I need less money to have fun here. Maybe I can take a trip to Malapascua or Bohol before too much longer. I’ve not been to Bantayan in two years and that isn’t very expensive. Maybe soon.

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Palawan Water Monitor

Lizards, snakes, water falls, island hoping, crocodiles, eagles and the Underground River for adventure travel in Palawan Philippines. I had one of the best times of my life while visiting Palawan.

I managed to get very close to these very large lizards. They would tense up their tails when I got that close so I didn’t linger. I got my pictures and made my retreat. There is a picture of Jessie near the lizard

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Sexy Filipina

I love living in the Philippines but there are a few things that get on my nerves. One of them is the dang brownouts. I should say for the past year and a half they have not been bad. We have not had a lot of brownouts here in Bogo City. That is where I live. I can remember one long brownout. One I can deal with. I really hope this low rate of brownouts continues.

I say even for brownouts, let’s make the most of it and head to the beach with a Filipina. Then it is still more fun in the Philippines.

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