There is Something Itchy in the Chicken

Long ago, in a land far far away, Jessie use to tell me that she was allergic to chicken but only if she ate it too much. That was before I arrived in the Philippines. I’d see her on skype scratching all over and asked her what was going on. 

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Street Vendor in Cebu City

If you have heard of the term “Kano price,” then you probably know what it means. For those that do not know the meaning of this phrase it basically means the price that Filipinos charge foreigners.  Many and probably most Filipinos will charge us more for things we want to purchase. This is a very real practice and you will, from time to time, pay the Kano price.

I often hear it referred to as racism. It has nothing to do with race. That is just you being full of yourself. You are white? So what, there are many of us here. Get over yourself, you are not that rare nor important. If you are Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Indian then you are the same race as namely, Asian. You too will be sometimes be charged the Kano price.  I do not see it as racism. It is just business but when it is excessive, it is bad business and a good way to lose a customer.

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Cheap Roadside Eatery in the Philippines

I’ve seen some pretty disgusting things at eateries in the Philippines. However, I do it and enjoy it. The worst was watching rats drinking from a large bowl at a BBQ. A few minutes later, I watched the staff clean the eating utensils in that same bowl.

These disturbing things might scare you to death. I look at it this way. There are 90 million people living in the Philippines. They are all eating and they are doing just fine.

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