Happy Child Playing in Cebu

People have been emailing me and asking how am I doing. I am doing okay but I have been better. I do need to write more and I always plan too but then get distracted by my latest obsession.  That is playing clash of clan. But more about writing about me. I rarely do that. It is rare any article is about me but I always get people leaving comments, usually hateful ones claiming I’m begging or some other nonsense. I really shouldn’t even acknowledge them as they are trolls for the most part. I probably should start beginning and add a GoFund me page. I’ve thought about it for years.

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Living in the Philippines for 8 Years

Expat and Filipina

As of yesterday, February the 8th I have lived in the Philippines nine years.  Even with life’s problems it has been the best nine years of my life. Jessie has been a big part of that and things are better between us. Though this morning, I was really stressed out because her kids need to be here and that’s just not possible due to financial constraints that I will go into later. Like I said, life has problems to conquer no matter where you are.

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Philippines Expat Journal — September 2013

Expat with Filipina

I think I can barely remember September of 2013. Yet I don’t wish to miss a single month of my Philippines Expat Journal. I’m not good at keeping notes of what has been happening.  September is almost like the month that never happened.

Its just life, one of those more difficult periods. I think all of us go through them. I know this is really not a period to complain about either and I’m not because I have seen so much worse. This is a breeze compared to those times

Living in the Philippines will help to restore some fun in my life. I need less money to have fun here. Maybe I can take a trip to Malapascua or Bohol before too much longer. I’ve not been to Bantayan in two years and that isn’t very expensive. Maybe soon.

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I have been living in the Philippines since February 6th of 2008. I have greatly increased the opportunities in my life by moving to the Philippines. The two primary reasons for this are the lower cost of living and my options with women are greatly increased. However, it isn’t paradise; living in the Philippines is…

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