Do not excessively annoy and do not be easily annoyed.” Long before there was an Internet we had what we called Bulletin Board Systems or BBS. There were two major networks, FidoNet and Alternet. Fidonet had one rule and it is stated in the first sentence of this article.

When I started my first site about the Philippines I had a few goals in mind. To tell it like it is and to not offend Filipinos while doing it. I do sometimes offend Filipinos despite my efforts not too. Many times they don’t understand English well enough to fully grasp what I am saying. If that offends you, I’m sorry. It is true though. Of that, I am certain. It is okay, I don’t understand Filipino very well at all. There is little I can do about that but it does frustrate me.

One can be thrown out of the country for merely raising your voice to a Filipino. While ISexy Filipina have never seen that happen, it is possible. Like it or not and I’ve had several foreigners argue with me on this but we do not have freedom of speech in the Philippines as foreigners. It is clear the government’s position on this. It has at times placed undercover officers at demonstrations for the purpose of locating foreigners taking part in those with plans to arrest them. There have been reminders of this in the papers and warnings that the government would be there.

I have offended a lot of young Americans of Filipino decent. They are too easily annoyed and generally don’t have a clue what the Philippines is like. Most have never been here and they are as American as I am. I carry more traits of Filipino culture than they do.  They may hear their parents or grandparents talk fondly of the Philippines but that is not enough to understand what it is like here. They would have the same massive adjustments to make as any other American that moved here.

In most cases, they are offended by my pictures of 20 something year old Filipina. If that offends you, change the channel. Because I like pretty women and that’s not going to change. Nor will my taking pictures of them and posting them here or on social media.

I started playing an online game via my mobile phone about a year ago. It is called Clash of Clans.  I joined one clan that I lasted only a few days before being kicked out. I was chatting with a leader of the clan and mentioned I had a blog. I was very surprised to find out I was no longer a member of the clan. I asked one of the leaders why and she said some were offended by my blog. To that I just said “Geesh” and blocked her on Facebook.

I recall going to look at this blog to see if I could find anything. I couldn’t. I mentioned it to Jessie and she said “Your blog doesn’t have anything offensive on it.” I guess if you’re easily annoyed it could but I really don’t understand why they would do that. I was glad I didn’t spend very much time with that group!

Two Pretty Filipina“Frankly, I am amused.” Alice Cooper once answered that way in an interview when he was asked what he thought about his fame back in the early 70s.  The leader of that clan appeared to be Asian in her pictures. I have no idea if she’s of Filipino descent though. I feel no ill will, she’s free to form her own opinion or whoever the some people in the clan that were offended by this blog were. It really is true, you can’t make all the people happy all of the time. If you ever decide to create your own blog, you will find that you offend some. Also, there are people known as trolls on the Internet. They amuse themselves by getting angry. There is a common phrase that describes how to deal with them “Don’t feed the trolls.” In other words, do not respond in anyway. Ignore it and perhaps block them. They’re generally lonely people that are seeking attention and will settle for being hated. So be prepared for that and just let it roll right off your shoulder.

I love living in the Philippines or I wouldn’t stay. I hope that my love of the Philippines comes through in my post. I know it will if someone spends any time on the blog as a whole. Please share your comments and questions in the comments below.

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